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73 Days And Counting: Preparations

on February 24, 2013

Okay, so to total up all I’ve bought so far: I have over 200 baby wipes, over 100 cotton wool pads, fewer than 30 newborn nappies, baby shampoo and lotion, and 200 nappy bags.

Not a bad start.

Bought and waiting to be brought around is the cot-bed, dresser with changer top and push-chair including car seat and in car base.

We’re still decorating so are waiting to bring the bulkier stuff home and, apparently, it’s bad luck to have the push-chair in the home before baby arrives.

What I did go and buy this week (partly to take advantage of a sale at Boots and partly due to research) I went and stocked up on sleeping bags.

First, from Boots, I got the twin pack of Gro Company’s Swaddle. And it was half price because I also bought their 2.5tog 0-6 month Gro Bag with car seat adapter. I thought having the car seat aspect would be perfect as I have a weekend away planned when Little One will be very, well, little.

I also got all the extra points of being a member of the parenting club.

After internet research the night before my shopping trip, I’d learnt that many places do their own version of Gro-Bag’s Sleeping Bag but they’re not supported by FSID. I also read that TK Maxx often have Gro Bags. So I looked and I found!

They had a huge range. I did try and go for neutral ones even though I know this bump is a boy. I picked up 4 for just over half the RRP of a Gro Bag anywhere else. I got both a 1.0 and 2.5 tog for the 0-6 month and one of each for 6-18 months (based on maybe not getting out or TK not having suitable 6-18 month bags in 6 months).

I’m not usually a brand whore, but what with all the FSID backing stuff, I’d prefer Gro Bags to begin with. Especially if I can get them cheaper!

I did also buy a Sainsbury’s own Tu Sleeping Bag for 0-6 months. It’s inner is polyester where Gro Bags are 100% cotton and, imo, it doesn’t feel as nice as Gro Bags do.

Gro Bags also have all zip fastenings completely covered from scratching the LO and the youngest range comes with poppers on the arm hole so smaller babies are still safe. Obviously I won’t know how essential any of this is until LO’s wearing them! At normal prices, the Sainsbury’s sleeping bag can be a third of the price but that became only a £5 saving on TK’s prices.

Mid-week I’ll be checking out another high street shop for some basic baby clothing!

~ Persephone M

3 responses to “73 Days And Counting: Preparations

  1. morasmum says:

    gro bags are a life saver! We’ve tried to start our 20 month old on sheets and he kicks and kicks until there is nothing covering him. So i am happy we got a few 18 – 36 months gro bags.

    You need to look for muslin squares and get like grillions, they are multi purpose, good to clean baby’s spit, wipe out mess, wipe your hands … and the large ones are great to swaddle baby during hot summer months. They come in beautiful colors and prints, but to be honest, they will be washed with napisan or bleach to get rid of “stains” so those colours and prints will fade away rather quickly 🙂

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