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70 Days And Counting: What I Learnt Today

on February 27, 2013

Still having a few days of annual leave that need using by the end of March, I opted to basically take every Wednesday off so, for a month at least, I don’t have to work more than two days in a row.

My only plan for these Wednesdays off is to go swimming when there are fewer people there. At 4, 5 or 6 in the afternoon there are too many swimming groups or families with young kids or teenagers on a date. I have no idea why you’d go on a date to a swimming pool!

So today I went at 3pm, before schools let out and during a slot where kids can’t go free and it was lovely! Half the pool and only 7 people max.

And I also decided to attend a Pregnant Mums Breastfeeding Class. I have another booked for an evening session so hubby can attend, too.

So, what I learnt:

  • A day old baby has a stomach the size of a marble and it holds 6ml. A lot of mums give up breast feeding early as they think their baby isn’t eating enough when they maybe don’t realise it can only hold 6ml.
  • One of the things colostrum does is seal the newborn’s stomach. The stomach is actually perforated and without sealing those holes milk will leak out. If a baby misses the colostrum (being breast or bottle fed) they have a higher risk of GI infections and UTIs because of the milk leakage.
  • Breast fed babies stop feeding when they’re full or when the breast empties (breast and stomach are tuned to each other) which is why they have a lower rate of obesity later in life.
  • A lot of parents don’t realise how small their baby’s stomach is so, when using a bottle, when the baby stops they wind the baby and continue feeding. With winding, some milk is regurgitated creating space for more. This isn’t as common with breast fed babies.

I also saw this amazing video of the first skin to skin contact from an unmedicated baby that had immediate skin to skin. The crawling and suckling reflex was amazing. It really felt miraculous and I can only hope my labour is “normal” and I get to see my baby do that!

~ Persephone M

4 responses to “70 Days And Counting: What I Learnt Today

  1. I wanted my baby to do that suckling thing too. Didn’t happen 😦

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