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Day 65 Encounting: 30 Mondays Ago

on March 4, 2013

Having my Bump, Elvis, be conceived with assistance, I know exactly how many Mondays ago my last period was.


I know that 28 Mondays ago, was the day that the doctor performed the insemination.

And that 26 Mondays ago, I didn’t start my period. After three years of trying to not have a period, 26 weeks ago, it finally happened.

And there’s only 9 Mondays left (until the EDD of course).

I thought I’d start a little list of countdowns, because Elvis’ birth isn’t the only thing that’s coming up.

So we have:

4 Weeks Time: Game of Thrones Season Three Starts.

7 Weeks Time: My maternity leave starts.

65 Days: My EDD and Elvis should be near arrival!

79 Days: Assuming he hasn’t wanted to arrive, this is two weeks past the EDD and therefore I’d be induced?

13 Weeks and 5 Days: family Wedding where I get to show off Elvis to all of his family!

~Persephone M

2 responses to “Day 65 Encounting: 30 Mondays Ago

  1. morasmum says:

    I love lists and I love your bump is named elvis 🙂

    … and I recently came across game of thrones! i am hooked! I always thought it was a silly “dungeons and dragons” type of show, so never paid much attention… HOW WRONG WAS I?!

    Have you started “nesting” yet? I don’t see anything on your list on “30 days to paint the whole house yellow” or “4 weeks to build new ikea living room set”

    • Persephone says:

      LOL 🙂 We only moved into the house in November so Nesting/Decorating/Making Liveable are all the same thing and have been happening since then!

      Game of Thrones is amazing. I’ve read the books and love the show. Cannot wait for season 3; it’s going to eclipse the previous two years. If you haven’t read the books DO NOT google anything about it!

      Elvis is from his Grand-dad and I think it might stick. Or at least become LOs name for his Grand-dad!

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