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Little Pickles Market

on March 23, 2013

After attending the NCT Nearly New Sale a few weeks back I decided to see if there were any other similar types of events because there are 6 months in between NNS.

I quickly found information on Little Pickles Markets, which I immediately discovered are far more frequent and there are more dotted around the local area rather than NCT which are one per City. It means that I went to one this weekend, there’s another at the same place in the middle of May and another local one at the end of April.

After the surprise of the NNS I was still wary of LPM. Everything sold at the NNS is donated by mothers and sorted by the volunteers. Everything’s then sold through the NCT so everything’s organised like one “shop” with one till.

Before the LPM I knew it was different in that rather than donate their stuff to be sold through one place, mothers at LPM sell their own stuff. I immediately thought that would make it more jumble sale-like and I was wary regarding the lack of organising.

It was no where near as organised as the NNS but it wasn’t a huge heaped mess either! The clothes weren’t as cheap or I wasn’t patient enough to look through, but I still paid no more than £2 per item! The really good thing was that haggling was possible and whilst there were far fewer clothes than at NNS there were far more toys, push chairs, travel cots and other non-clothes.

I managed to get a few winter coats for next year (planning ahead) and two fantastic bargains! The first was a deluxe baby bather suitable for newborns so it doesn’t last long. It needs a wash, but then it’ll be fine in the adult or baby bath. The woman selling it said that she found it useful so her baby was more secure.

So LPM have on hand advice about what they’re selling – amazing! And, the baby bather I got was £2, RRP £17.99. Even better, the baby bath I’d planned on buying is RRP £27.99 but with the 2nd hand bather, I went and bought a normal baby bath for £12.99.

That’s a £13 saving.

On a different stall I got a manual breast pump for £3. I don’t mind whatsoever having a second hand one as I don’t intend on using it. I just want it as a precaution and the brand at the LPM matches the sale bought steriliser I got months ago (forward planning and being cautious) so all the bottles will fit! The RRP for the manual breast pump I got is £29.99.

So a saving of £26!

Total saved (not including clothes) is £39 for two things, one I might not use and one that’s for a short term use.

Pretty good for my first Little Pickles. I will definitely be going to the next one, unless Elvis comes early! Because whilst it wasn’t as well laid out it was filled with more accesories and user knowledge.

~ PersephoneM

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