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on March 28, 2013

I start this post at just gone 5pm from the reception area of my nearest midwifery center as I wait for my second ante-natal class, and I wonder if the “flexible” element is worth it.

I’ve been highly annoyed over the past 7+ months at the regular assumption that a) I’m unmarried and b) I’m unemployed. I’m sure it’s some sort of equality thing whereby every pregnant woman is assumed to be single and on the dole so you can’t offend those that actually are. Except I feel quite offended when it happens the other way.

What I did initially really appreciate was how my first midwife appointment was in the evening. Here in England women are allowed all of their ante-natal appointments as paid medical, but the fathers have these appointments as purely recommended. It’s at the manager’s discretion.

So to be given my midwife booking at half 6 was perfect; hubby left work a bit early, I went to a friends and we both got there on time. But we didn’t get to eat until gone 8pm.

It was the same with our first ante-natal class last week. I got home from work, sat down for half an hour and then left for the midwifery center. On the second class I simply left work late and went straight there because it’s a longer walk home than there!

But we couldn’t eat until gone 8. And it’ll be the same tonight.

I still appreciate the flexibility of having classes in the evening as hubby doesn’t need to take annual leave, but there is literally nothing else at the midwifery center except a few vending machines (the hot drink one isn’t currently working!).

We went to one of the few evening breastfeeding classes last week, too, another show of flexibility for those that work. Or at least one of the parents does. But this was at the hospital rather than midwifery center.

Because it’s a hospital it is 24hours a day, the coffee shop and newsagents are still open at gone 6pm and maybe even the canteen. So we grabbed dinner before the breastfeeding class.

Perfect blend of both worlds and flexibility.

Although it did give me extra things to consider with regards on where to give birth.

Sometimes providing things so flexibly isn’t worth it. Or things aren’t flexible enough – a weekend daytime ante-natal class would be more suitable than one covering dinner time!

~ Persephone M

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