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Changes At The End

on May 6, 2013

As I end a lovely Bank Holiday weekend of sun, it’s dawned on me that the past week has been the hardest. Now some might say that it was because it was second full week off, but nothing is that simple.

It was during week 39 that Elvis learnt to play with my bowels or that uterine contractions affected my bowels. Whichever it’s damn bloody uncomfortable.

It was during week 39 that, although sleeping on my side became more comfortable (probably due to my size) rolling over became impossible. For a while rolling over has been difficult, but it was possible to roll via my back. I could even lie on my back for a while, making it handy for hubby to feel Elvis. Until week 39.

Now I can’t lie on my back for even a moment. Rolling over at night is now impossible. Where I had simply needed extra room to roll now my stomach is simply far too painful.

And it isn’t just my sleeping and bowel issues that have got worse since week 39, my belly is huge! Maybe it’s simply the hot weather and therefore I’m wearing less, but everyone in the street keeps staring at me. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m huge and now that I physically feel like everyone’s eyes are on me, I’ve had to request hubby stops making any fat jokes.

I’m still quite itchy, but not as bad and now I have a sore bump, painful bowels which in turn gives me back pain and I’m massive. Oh, to go back a week when these things weren’t an issue! Why couldn’t Elvis have been born before these new developments? Why is he still growing? Some babies are ready by 38 weeks and so they decide to come, but not Elvis – he’s too busy getting fatter!

It’s such a waiting game, waiting for him to finish getting ready by growing more and more!

~Persephone M

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