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Looking Forward

on May 10, 2013

Now this post has nothing to do with looking forward to what Elvis will be like or how I hope things go minute by minute. It may also sound ungrateful or that I’m annoyed at my pregnancy; it’s neither of these things.

I hope, or am looking forward to, my stomach acid clearing up. There seems to have been neither rhyme nor reason for it. It can’t be because Elvis is squishing my tummy as I had it when he was barely bigger than a bean. If he isn’t a hairy baby then I’ve suffered this burning for no reason!

I almost ache to sleep on my back or front. Honestly, I never imagined how sick I would be of sleeping on my sides. And the pain of that moment on your back as you try to roll over… I could almost pray for lying on my back asap. I’m also pretty sick of sitting straight up on my bum, unable to rest on one side and lean on hubby.

I’d like to look forward to all my shoes fitting again once Elvis is here, but apparently they may stay bigger which is rubbish for my already freakishly large feet!

There’s also the odd discomfort I frequently have in my toes and fingers. They ache, presumably some joint based thing, but of all the aches and pains it seems the oddest body part. Maybe the toes because my legs and feet have to carry an excess weight (although my legs have been fine!), but my fingers???? Hip pain, back pain… every pain I’ve had in pregnancy makes perfect sense except fingers!

Those are the simple little, almost irrelevant and insignificant things that I look forward to!

~ Persephone M

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