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280 Days

on May 13, 2013

That’s how long a pregnancy is said to last on average from the last day of your last period. And that’s what today is.

So it’s 279 days since I took my first fertility drug. 268 since the ovitrelle injection, 266 since the insemination, 250 since I took that first ever positive pregnancy test and 231 since I first ever saw Elvis’ heartbeat.

I have had an awful few nights of sleep! Elvis had quietened down until he decided to go crazy at bedtime the other night. He kept me awake for ages! And then he woke me up the next morning with hiccups. So I then spent most of yesterday napping, which didn’t stop me sleeping most of the night! The period cramps probably didn’t help on my night of no sleep. It was the weirdest thing ever; after so long without any monthly pains, a night of them but nothing else. I honestly felt like I was going to start a period and wake up bleeding.

I don’t mean I worried about bleeding just that it so strongly felt like a period. They’ve all gone now though.

And I do not feel rested today! I ache all over!

Head Engagement: 3/5s. So still not engaged.
Waters: All still there!
Position: Left Occipito-Anterior. Apparently this occurs in 12% of pregnancies and has definitely reassured me that he’s not posterior at all!
Stage: Midwife appointment later today.

I think we’ll discuss induction today, but I’m not ready for that yet. Unless my waters break but labour doesn’t start.

~ Persephone M

3 responses to “280 Days

  1. tazdream says:

    Have been waiting for you to get online! Monday is almost finished here. Have no idea what the position stuff means (am sure i will learn!) but glad u r still ok. Not long now hopefully chooky!

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