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Antenatal Info: Weeks 29 and 31

on May 14, 2013

As I’ve just had what was technically my week 40 appointment, I thought I might blog about all the measurements taken.

The checks/appointments after the week 20 anomaly scan alternate between midwife and GP. From what I’ve been told who you see doesn’t fully matter, but I also believe that midwives are better than GPs in these appointments. Don’t get me wrong, one of the GPs I had was really good, but he doesn’t deal with pregnant women all the time – midwives do.

So the appointments occur in weeks 25, 28, 31, 34, 36, 38, 40 and then 41. Because of my dates, I’m not getting a week 41 appointment. I’m assuming that the NHS plans are that you’d see the same GP and same midwife at all these appointments. I’ve seen 2 GPs and 3 midwives. The third midwife has definitely been my favourite so maybe it’s a good thing the other 2… left/vanished!

At week 25 I had an appointment with the GP I really have never liked. He barely said a word to me and the only real data he put in my notes was my blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate. My BP was 102 over 58 and Elvis’ HR was 136-144 beats per minute. Not that I’d trust that GP to read HR correctly!

It’s from week 29 that proper readings started being taken.
Fundal height: 29. This is the measurement which monitors growth and plotted on a graph that came with my 20 week scan. The graph is customised for each pregnancy. The actual measurement is taken from the top of the uterus down to the pubic bone.
Approximate Weight: 1700g. This is the weight from the customised growth graph so is only approximate for me!
Lie Presentation: Cephalic. This means head down.
Rel to Brim: Free. This details how far/if the head is engaged. Free means his head’s free of the pelvis.
Fetal Heart Rate: 132-144 bpm.
This appointment was my one and only with the second midwife.

Week 31+4.
Fundal Height: 33cm.
Approximate Weight: 2500g.
Lie Presentation: Cephalic.
Rel to Brim: Free.
Fetal Heart Rate: 142bpm
This was the first appointment with a GP I’d never even met before, but I quite liked him!

More data later!

~ Persephone M

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