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Night Terrors: Part 2

on May 28, 2013

Its only an hour after I posted about how terrible Elvis is overnight (or has been) and how I really find those dark hours so difficult. And, only an hour later, we’re all up again.

Except there has been peace in between. The problems on other nights was that there was no peace; Elvis was constant in his demands for food amd attention. Tonight is different. Not only did we all manage at last an hour before Elvis’ cues awoke the house but then, after his 1am feed he went back to sleep. And he stayed asleep in his moses basket for just under an hour befote his teeny tummy needed more food.

This is another first and it will certainly be something I cling to when it all goes wrong – there’s plenty more time tonight!

It isn’t just Elvis that seems to be a night terror, I seem to be having them! During his first sleep I woke up unable to find him, searching the bed because he’d gone. Poor hubby was thoroughly confused when he simply stated where Elvis was and I refused to believe him. Then, just before this wake up, I had a night terror about Fast and Furious 6. I have absolutely no idea what was going on but, again, it confused hubby. But then I just asked hubby to roll over and he sat bolt upright and tried to take Elvis from me.

We’re both so sleep deprived. Writing these are the only things keeping me awake when I need to be.

So will Elvis settle straight away? Will I have another night terror? Either way Tuesday morning already feels better than Sunday and Monday did!

~ Persephone M

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