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To Sleep Perchance to Dream

on May 29, 2013

The nights have been better since my three posts in one night. And I’ve been far less tired during the feeds. Right now, despite its relatively early hour, I feel the need to type to keep my eyes open.

Last night Elvis was one hell of a pickle all evening until about 1am but then it was straightforward eat and sleep. He was even beating his 3 hourly alarms and wanting feeding on his own timescale. That might mean I get less sleep and more interruptions but he’s learning to be hungry and show it. We can work on lengthening it later.

But because he’d been such a pickle I was too wired up anyway so when he was feeding I was wide awake and didn’t need to force my eyes open with a blog.

I don’t really feel that tired right now but after heading to bed at 8pm, I don’t think I woke up right for the next feed so my eyes want to close. Elvis, meanwhile is being a bit of a pickle again by refusing to settle straight after a feed. But unlike a few nights ago, I can cope with that. It’s a wonder at how just a few hours sleep can do amazing things.

If only the periods I get to sleep in could be long enough for me to dream!

~ Persephone M

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