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on June 6, 2013

Ages ago I had a countdown to various different things including Elvis’ due date and one of those things was a family wedding which is this weekend. It’s about 3-4 hours away by both train and car; seeing as my mum is the only one that can drive us from here and her car is tiny, we’ve decided to go by train whilst my mum drives with the bulk of our stuff.

Essentially all we need to take is the pushchair and nappy bag plus snacks for us. My mum takes everything else.

Stuff for me and hubby is easy. Clothes for Elvis are relatively easy. I mean I have 4 outfits for the three days, Elvis technically has about 15 outfits! But, although he hasn’t really ever spat up, there are wee and poo issues – last night he wet his gro-bag but luckily we had a spare!

Packing is therefore relatively easy. Especially as neither of us have to carry/push a suitcase! Plus a cousin has found her boys’ old moses basket so bedding is sorted!

My main concerns are: the act of travelling by train – getting on/off, finding seats, storing the pushchair; changing any dirty nappies, and feeding him.

Getting on/off the train. This really shouldn’t be a problem. I’m with hubby and there’s only one connection. I’m pretty sure hubby can handle the up and down. I’m just stressing.

Finding seats. On the second train by most doors they have the disabled/pushchair area so we should be fine unless there are multiple wheelchair users already there. As a worst case scenario we can unclip the carrycot part and keep it on our laps/spare seat. This might be the onlyboption on the first train as I have no idea how their trains are laid out – except that it’s only 2 carriages which technically goes to a different country!

Storing the pushchair. Train one has luggage storage, train 2 doesn’t as far as I know. However we’re joining train 1 at the starting station, which obviously becomes a bigger issue on the return.

Dirty nappies. For the second train I found info on their website stating that on each train at least one toilet has baby change facilities (I’ve packed the dettol wipes!), there’s no info on the website for the first train. Epic fail in my opinion. Or its on the seat/table! Or leaving him for 3-4 hours…

Feeding. I have no issues with people breastfeeding in public I just happen to have never done it yet and I’m still a newbie at these things. Therefore I am going to take formula and sterile bottles just in case. If I feel confident enough, or we decide to take a later connection, I will breastfeed, but if I don’t feel confident/comfortable there will be food for him.

Wish me luck for the next three days!

~ Persephone M

2 responses to “New Challenges

  1. tazdream says:

    Do u have nappy rubbish bags that are deodorised? They are a godsend! Travel safe and enjoy yr time away 🙂

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