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I’ve Done It!

on June 7, 2013

We’re still about 40mins away from the final train destination, but we managed on the two trains without a hitch (although we are sat in the bike section on the second one – there are chairs).

And I have breastfed Elvis twice. On the trains and, therefore, in public!

On the first train we ended up half way through in a carriage on our own so I moved to a slightly more private seat and fed Elvis. He hadn’t awoken so I kinda force fed him, but we had no idea what the second train (London to Devon) would be like. Which was fine, but then we changed onto the busier train and he was awake and hungry.

I could have searched for a seat on my own with Elvis, leaving hubby with the pram, but I doubt I could have found two seats together. Strangers cannot sit next to each other! And so I fed him none the less. With a numb bum and sore back, but at least I had hubby passing me sandwiches.

All my night-time worrying and loss of sleep was for nothing; thankfully my body is used to brain-led insomnia so despite the lack of sleep I’m not that tired. It’s a completely different type of lack of sleep than feeding/crying all night long causes.

And that’s Elvis crying all night long, not me.

Okay, some of it’s me.

Things are so much clearer by daylight especially when the source of the worries are gone. I’m a worrier and control freak by nature; neither are beneficial right now!

For all the bad nights, there’s either a good night from before to cling onto (two in a row before last night in fact) or something from the daytime to bolster me – like breastfeeding in public. Elvis and I haven’t even been doing it 3 weeks, but we did it on a moving train! Twice!

I’ll crack this.

~ Persephone M

4 responses to “I’ve Done It!

  1. mhaggerton says:

    I have to say I’m so very proud of you for breastfeeding your boy in public!! It is nerve wracking and stressful the first time.. The first few times! With my first I fed her in bathrooms, the car, anywhere we were private. Not because I thought I would offend anyone but because I wasn’t confident enough that I wouldn’t be spraying milk or flashing nipple. As she grew, so did I and chucked the nursing cover and my fears. It will happen for you and this was one step! Rock your breastfeeding journey with your little man- you won’t regret it!!

  2. diynavymomma says:

    Congrats on breastfeeding in public! You rock momma!

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