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Ups and Downs

on June 8, 2013

After the fearful train journey that went perfectly (along with breastfeeding in public twice!), today has involved more feeding in public, 4 hours sleep in a row and some positive realisations.

Last night was quite terrible! I was still pretty beat from the insomnia of the night before and at 9pm, Elvis and I had to abandon dinner straight after pudding as he wanted his food. This was nice at first as I took to laying down and got a good old rest in.

However when he was still feeding at 1am it wasn’t nice anymore.

But he went to sleep.

Only to awaken at 3am and feed for another hour.

When he woke at 3 I started hyperventilating just at the thought of feeding, of the pain I’d feel.

But feed him I did. And he still wouldn’t sleep.

Which is when we started breaking rules. He wouldn’t settle in the family lent moses basket so daddy put him in his pushchair which clearly states is not for long term sleeping.

As a cousin said to me earlier, mums know best and there are so many do’s and don’t’s which weren’t around when we were little and we survived. This is the same cousin who has three children who anyone would want as their children. Well behaved, polite, well adjusted; they and their parents may be considered perfect.

So we put Elvis to sleep in the not for long term sleeping carry cot and daddy and I woke him up 4 hours later at 9am.

Then we all went out for a family brunch and I fed Elvis in a pub, held a conversation with a stranger and overall felt pretty damn proud of myself. My hellish night was already forgotten.

Just before the speeches began, Elvis got hungry so I set myself up in a corner to avoid being in the wedding photos and he finished before dinner was served.

Before pudding, Elvis was hungry again and I went up to our room. Earlier on I realised that it hurts to feed from one side a hell of a lot more than the other. I think I have a huge crack/split. So I wanted to see if it hurt less on that side sitting up, but didn’t want to test my hypothesis in public.

The crack/split hurts less when I’m sitting up! And my shoulder blade has hurt less from feeding in random different chairs. I was so nervous about the feed because of the pain, but it isn’t as bad now.

I need to heal my nipple and test out my chairs at home. And I need to start having more faith in my instincts as a mother. I survived, my cousin’s children survived and all the children in care whose parents don’t care have survived.

So I have an action plan and Elvis has met every single member of my side of the family, I’m in less pain although I do feel like a zombie with Elvis draining my very life force, but hubby brought my pudding up to the room!

~ Persephone M

2 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. diynavymomma says:

    Use pure olive oil on your cracked nipple! It will really help it completely safe for you to breastfeed with it on.

    As for the sleeping situation, it doesn’t hurt to those things sometimes. If you don’t make t a habit, it’s no big deal. I know tons of Mommas who have let their babies sleep in their carseat, because that’s the only place they would truly sleep. These first few months are what Id like to call “survivor mode” lol. Anything that helps you survive!

    • Persephone says:

      I might try the olive oil as apparently it’s also good for his dry skin. Thanks!

      Hopefully now we’re back home he’ll settle back down. Tomorrow is another week afterall!

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