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Three Weeks Later

on June 10, 2013

Okay as it’s Monday it isn’t fully three weeks later, more 20 days, but today is when I need to get Elvis weighed.

Born weighing 8lb 9oz and dropping down to 7lb something I think, when he was last weighed Elvis was 8lb 6oz. That was a few days before hitting the 2 week mark so, fingers crossed he had made it back to his birthweight.

Being such a doubtful worrier, however, I am really worried that he won’t have gained enough weight, that he isn’t thriving. This is despite him having the correct number of wet and dirty nappies. He feeds often enough, fills his nappies, but he does also leak every now and then and this weekend he’s randomly started spitting up.

I guess with bottle fed babies, you know exactly how much they’re eating and that each bottle has the correct amount of all nutrients that baby needs. With breastfeeding, is baby feeding efficiently enough, are they getting the fatty hindmilk, is mum’s diet good enough to give baby all they need?

Meanwhile, as with so many newborn based topics, it’s all on the mum. Is my diet good enough for him? Am I noticing if he’s not feeding properly? No one else can comment on latching on, not daddy and not Elvis. It’s all on me! Yes, I’m working on getting rid of all the pain I currently associate with breastfeeding – my back hurts a lot less and my nipple is healing (I haven’t even used the nipple shields I sterilised yesterday to limit my pain). We haven’t used formula since week 1 and I managed to feed in public and in bed last night.

My wrists hurt if I feed for too long and there is a general chest soreness most of the time (my new bras from Mothercare are helping that) and, having got out of bed 3 hours ago, I’ve also managed to put some washing on, do some washing up and got a 45 minute nap. I don’t look forward to waiting around at an open clinic to get Elvis weighed, but with hubby at work full time, there should be time for a nap after the clinic!

I’ve managed a 40 minute nap since the clinic and an extra snack for myself, too!

And at the clinic Elvis weighed in at 9lb 5! There I was worrying he hadn’t put on any and he put on nearly a whole pound. How come I can’t see/feel the difference?

I also weighed myself around at Nanny’s and I’m still at 72kg.

I’ve actually had a good day followed by a good night; my fingers are crossed for it to continue. Oh, and aside from lunch at Nanny’s today has been the longest time I’ve been alone with Elvis!

~ Persephone M

4 responses to “Three Weeks Later

  1. It’s so wonderful when babies thrive. And that’s what he’s doing with you. šŸ™‚ good job mama!

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