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Things Can Only Get Easier

on June 11, 2013


I think that’s from a song but I’m a bit tired.

I thought I should make a post about how breastfeeding seems to be getting more manageable. Seeing as I’ve made plenty of posts about how terrible I’ve been doing.

Daytimes are fine. He feeds and he goes down for a nap. Then I get to nap or maybe do a few chores and nap – unless yesterday was a complete one off. I even now have a comfortable chair on wheels that spins so I’m partially mobile, too.

Nighttimes are… okay. I still can’t do bed feeds if hubby’s in bed but we have now found a comfy chair to keep me in the bedroom. I get a hunger issue, feeding overnight, so I’m just gonna have to live with the crumbs.

It’s the evenings that are killing me. Yesterday from 5pm, Elvis basically constantly fed and would be wide awake inbetween each. This was fine for the first 4 hours, but at 9 I went to bed and at 10 I begged hubby to take Elvis away for a bit because I physically needed a break.

I didn’t need to sleep, I just needed to physically recover. My arms were aching, my nipples were throbbing and I needed to regroup. Hubby gave me 45 minutes before he couldn’t calm Elvis anymore. In all that time I could still hear all of Elvis’ grumbles.

After his 11pm feed, Elvis went to sleep and so I went to bed. For two hours and his first wake up. Normally I’m fine for this feed, but normally he hasn’t gone 6 hours of constant feeding. I swear it’s normally only about 3. Maybe 4.

I grumble through the 1am but at least crawl back into bed without agonising back or nipple pain. And that leads us to the nearly 5am feed.

The big problem with this one has been that Elvis likes to wake up after it which I just can’t handle. Especially as he does like to feed constantly from his first daylight feed (about 5 or 6am) until 9 or 10am before another nap.

The morning cluster feeding is probably easier to take because I’m more energised and because I can take him out to break the pattern if it gets too much. I can’t go for a moonlit walk at midnight.

So there we are, things are getting better. I’m still not sure that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, but things are improving.

It’s just those 6 evening-nighttime hours.

~ Persephone M


2 responses to “Things Can Only Get Easier

  1. This sounds so familiar!! You are doing great!

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