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Settling to Sleep

on June 12, 2013

We’ve already encountered this problem a few times with Elvis. And with myself! There has been the occasion where he will just not sleep.

Nanny says that, as a baby, I never slept. This must be my karma. Except I’ve had my own adult sleep issues for a few years.

Elvis has had days and evenings (we seem to escape nights, knock on wood) where he refuses to sleep. He’ll take the breast and fall asleep immediately, waking up as soon as I move no matter how long I wait. And then he gets to a state where he simply screams. He’s fed, winded and clean; he’s tired and can’t sleep.

So what am I supposed to do?

We’ve given him a dummy (breaking yet another parenting rule of giving a dummy before being a month old) which he’s sucked for ages but remained awake – clearly not hungry. We’ve tried all the soothing, rocking, walking, calm singing stuff, feeding. He still keeps crying.

I’ve been there myself. When I suffer from a bout of insomnia, on occasion I have been known to get so stressed and worked up that I have a good cry and then fall asleep. Is that what newborn Elvis is trying to do?

In general sleeping has become so much easier since Elvis arrived. I used to hate any kind of noise and would regularly kick hubby out of bed for breathing too loudly. Now, with hubby and Elvis snoring, one either side of me, I simply sleep. Since Elvis has arrived I’ve actually been far cuddlier in my sleep despite the noise of hubby’s breathing.

Cuddles from hubby is my one rule when trying to settle Elvis. I need my cuddle and I think it’s helping our relationship. We both cuddle Elvis loads, but rarely get any alone time – that cuddle in bed with Elvis asleep in his moses basket is our one alone moment each day.

Except when Elvis won’t settle. And then what am I supposed to do?

Often we get to a point where I feed him again and eventually it works, but he often doesn’t cue for that feed, but it works. Last night it took 2 hours of trying everything until a feed eventually worked. Yesterday during the day co-sleeping was what worked.

What next?

~ Persephone M

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