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on June 13, 2013

As I sit here feeding Elvis (after a 10pm bedtime feed, 1am midnight feed and now 4am – loving this boy at nighttimes!) I can’t help but watch both of my boys sleep. Last night, rather randomly, hubby laid there fast asleep, smiled, laughed out loud and then rolled over still smiling. It was an amazingly refreshing relaxed smile, too.

Not that either of us know why he was smiling.

I feel bad for him sometimes, working as long as he does. Especially as I now sleep in to catch up. And because Elvis tends to simply feed all evening long. Daddy can’t really interact with a feeding baby. Oh and not that he cluster fed last night. No, there was a bit of hysterical screaming as he was overly tired and I did have a few tears about how my body was aching, but Elvis settled before 11pm and my tears lasted only a few minutes.

I think for the past couple of nights my tears have got less because I’m sleeping more and my body’s getting used to the strains and aches.

Meanwhile, I get to watch both of my boys sleeping and at their most innocent. But hubby misses all of that. He doesn’t get to see all of the weird faces Elvis pulls as he relaxes. Or all the random noises that make our son sound like a cat. No, instead hubby gets home from work, cooks dinner, lets me shower, watches one thing on TV with me and then we all go up to bed.

He does that to help me out as the evenings are still the most stressful. After the whole day alone with Elvis and then the high maintainence evenings, I wouldn’t cope without hubby sitting beside me. Hubby also gets a broken night’s sleep without nap chances so as soon as Elvis finally settles that first time, hubby’s asleep and I get to listen to them both.

I’m now really looking forward to this weekend – it’s the only time hubby really gets. And I might get a break!

And now for the super soppy comment, ever since Elvis has arrived, I’ve never loved my hubby more. Even if he lies there snoring as I see to his son’s needs!

~ Persephone M


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