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Baby Firsts: Bathtime and Nails

on June 16, 2013

Before anyone judges, I have been cleaning Elvis, he’s just spent almost 4 weeks of his life without having an actual bath. We did give him a half bath when he urinated all over himself, but tonight we put him in his actual baby bath.

Whilst he was still sitting on his bargain baby bather, we sprinkled him with water and wiped him over – hubby enjoyed sprinkling water over Elvis’ head – Elvis did wee. Luckily the bather was in the bath. It was quite difficult leaning over the bath so next time I might put the baby bath on the floor once it has water in it.

Then I put Elvis in the baby bath, one arm securely(ish) under his neck/shoulders. And he didn’t cry or scream or seem bothered at all. I think it bodes well for the future. After taking him out of the bath, I wrapped him in a hooded towel and cuddled whilst drying him.

I was worried that he’d get cold out of the bath, but he seemed okay. There’s so much constant emphasis on temperature – of the bath water, of the bathroom, of every room in the house, of when in the car, in the pushchair. It becomes so difficult – 20degrees at night is cold to me!

Although I won’t then take him to the nursery to get dressed – what if he wees on route? Nothing major went wrong; I didn’t drop him, he didn’t drown and he didn’t cry at all! But I still want daddy home when I next give him a bath. Two pairs of hands and all.

Earlier today, before the bath, we finally cut Elvis’ nails. Or daddy the superhero did! Waiting until he was sleep-feeding, daddy then used the baby nail clippers as we both held various parts of Elvis’ hands and arms. Now he can’t scratch me anymore!

And I think it’s definitely a daddy job from now on. Plus it was made far easier today by the fact that all Elvis has done all day is feed. I think it’s because it’s the weekend and any sense of routine that Elvis had created Monday to Friday is gone. I’m hoping it comes back next week and then I’ll simply force it to be stuck to over the weekend in future.

Unless his constant desire to feed is another bloody growth spurt. He did go to bed okay at 2300 and has only just awoken for his next feed at 0200 so at least his cluster day/evening didn’t become night, too.

I’m not sure when we’ll give him another full bath, but I still don’t think there’s any point in using it as part of a bedtime routine. Not when his current bedtime routine is feed from 6pm with a change of clothes and into sleeping bag at 9pm and stopping feeding somewhere before 11pm. I’m not bathing him at 6 or 9 every night.

Elvis is still the one dictating when he feeds and sleeps, nothing else should be timetabled for him. Not yet.

~ Persephone M


6 responses to “Baby Firsts: Bathtime and Nails

  1. mhaggerton says:

    We didn’t bathe Muffin for awhile either.. There is really no use! I used to joke that every time she turned a month older she would get her monthly bath 🙂

  2. diynavymomma says:

    Babies don’t really need full on baths much when they are that young. We sponge bathed Ethan for a good while until his umbilical stump completely fell off and his belly button was completely fused closed. Then he only got a “real bath” once a week, and we never used soap. Babies that tiny don’t need soap, and really is just dries out their skin. Water is perfectly good. Their pee is sterile, so if they do pee all over everything, it really isn’t harmful, lol.

    • Persephone says:

      He got another bath tonight for pooing all over himsrlf. We haven’t used a single baby product like soaps and lotions although we do have loads. We do use wipes on his bum rather than water and cotton wool. His bum seems fine!

      • diynavymomma says:

        If you ever do want to use something on his skin after bath time when hes older you can use pure coconut oil! So good for their skin, natural, and smells amazinggg!

      • Persephone says:

        Thanks. I read for his post-birth dry skin to use olive oil. Sadly I hate the smell of olive oil so maybe coconut oil. As long as it doesn’t make me want cocktails each time I use it!

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