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Double the Trouble, Not the Gain

on June 16, 2013

Normally I only have one true nighttime feed at about 0100 or 0200. I don’t count the 2300 or 0500 as night. Even when the 0500 slips earlier to 0400 it’s still not night. Maybe because of the light pouring into the house or maybe because the feeds then start to be hourly-ish.

Anyway, after his 2200 feed (but 2300 sleep), Elvis woke up at 0200 and I decided to give him a double feed. Usually I give a single feed overnight and he’d go from 0200 to 0500; the feed plus winding and a cuddle would take 40 minutes. So I thought perhaps doing a double feed would get me an extra hour – he had just gone 5hours between feeds, could I score a 4 hour rather than 3?


The double feed took an extra 40minutes and got Elvis waking up at the same time as having a single. So that was a waste of time. I’m going back to single feeds and not waking him on purpose to try a second. Clearly it doesn’t help him sleep longer and I got less sleep. Maybe at this 5am one it would work, but I lost enough sleep experimenting tonight.

~ Persephone M


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