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on June 17, 2013

I know at not even 4 weeks old there is no chance of forcing a routine onto Elvis, but I can try and work with his. And it had been working during last week.

2300 – usually the last feed and then sleep.
0100/0200 – first wake up. More likely to be 0200, making a 4hr gap between feeds.
0400/0500 – morning! This would be a 3hr gap leading on to hourly feeds so would hope for the 5am!

0700/0800 – first nap. In bed, both of us!
0900/100 – end of nap and immediate feed. Sometimes nap would end because he woke up or me.
1200-1400 – time to be out of the house. Elvis napping optional.
1500/1600 – 1700/1800 – naptime in bed for both of us.
In between these naps and trip out, it’s mainly feeding with occasional short naps but nothing longer than an hour. Before the first and after the 2nd bed naps, feeding has been constant or at least hourly.

Until last night when Elvis fed at 2000 and went to sleep! He stirred when I moved him upstairs (I’d not thought he’d go to sleep that early) but I settled him. He awoke at 0000 for food, then 0230 and then 0500. Colour me confused. He never does 2 long sessions overnight. And by long I mean 2+ hours as he only does them during the day when we’re in bed or he’s in a pushchair.

Now I have no idea if his daytime routine will be the same and I’d made plans around his desired timetable. Is this just a sign of his tummy getting bigger? Or of him trying to screw with me?

~ Persephone M


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  1. diynavymomma says:

    It’s so true when they say that these babies change every single day! What worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Sleep time? Forever changing. Slept 8 hours last night, 2 tonight, so on so forth. Once you get used to something, bam, they change it up! These little humans have quite the sense of humor, for little humans! Lol.

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