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Sleeping Options

on June 20, 2013

After the almost 5 hour sleep Elvis had on me there was then a 2 hour and just under 1 hour (which ended with Elvis vomiting all over me in our sleep. It was just gone 5am and it was in my hair and all over my boob. And it stunk!), but I’ve spent the day feeling really refreshed. I did have another hour at 7am when Elvis napped.

Clearly something went well last night.

Vomit aside.

This is either because he was more comfortable on me or because he doesn’t make noise when he’s on me.

The options:

A). Co-Sleeping
At least for the first part of the night, to get a block of sound sleep. This means that hubby has to be on the sofa and can potentially lead to the bad habit of Elvis sleeping in our bed, but I’d get sleep and can always put him in his Moses after night-time feeds.

B). Move His Moses Basket
We live in a small 2 bedroom house where I can see the cot as I lie in bed. I’m sure, given the size, that I’d still hear every noise with both doors open and no baby monitor! So I could move him with no issues over hearing him. However, having just cracked feeding in bed, I’d be night-time feeding in the nursery. This potentially means less sleep for me, unless having his noises quietened gives me more sleep! Given that I intend to feed for longer than he can stay in the Moses, I’ll eventually have night-time feeds in the nursery anyway.

C). Try White Noise
Especially given the heatwave (which may actually be over) but both the nursery and my room run at over 20 degrees, a fan may solve two issues. Or it may solve neither. I don’t think I can do the un-tuned radio as I’d go crazy and too much noise would confuse Elvis regarding day and night.

D). Get Over It
I can hope my sensitive hearing toughens up or I get used to it or just learn to deal with a lack of sleep.

Ideally I don’t want to make a decision that hinders any of us, especially Elvis, in the long-term or short-term, but I need to sleep! Otherwise I won’t make a good daytime mum. Help!

~ Persephone M


2 responses to “Sleeping Options

  1. mhaggerton says:

    I’m not sure what will work perfect for you but his little noises should get better soon.. Or he might be a noisy sleeper! Our bedroom is set up with our king size bed on its box spring on the floor, next to it is Muffin’s crib mattress. Lovey starts her night in her room and usually joins us a few hours later, and muffin goes from her mattress to ours whenever she needs some boob.. So usually the morning time finds us from left to right: husband, lovey, me, muffin.. I feel the safest when everyone is close to me. And I think motherhood intensifies our hearing.. I hear EVERYTHING!

    • Persephone says:

      I’ve always had serious sleep issues. Now I cope with my husband’s noises (never have in the past) and its ok when Elvis makes them near to a feed time. Tonight’s been okay… ish!

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