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on June 21, 2013

I’m a spoilt only child who was constantly told that once I had a child I’d stop being selfish and always put my child first

Not wholly true.

I may no longer act spoilt and selfish, putting Elvis first (except when I put him down crying so I can eat, drink, wee quickly) but I still think it.

I still have selfish thoughts. I still desire to put myself first and do something for myself. I still want to be a spoilt brat and do something for me.

Yet I know I can’t. So I don’t. It doesn’t change my brain though. It doesn’t stop me hitting that moment where I wish I could have 5 minutes away, other than to shower, 5 minutes to myself where I can be purely selfish.


3 responses to “Selfish

  1. I’ve been there. And still am there sometimes (read my post from last night lol). It’s totally okay to want to be alone- we actually need to be alone at times.

  2. Valerie says:

    It’s not selfish – we all have needs. And it certainly isn’t an only child thing!! Right now you are in the very challenging newborn stage, where baby needs ALL of you. Don’t worry, it won’t last forever! xx

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