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Experimental Sleep 3am

on June 29, 2013

So in my last post I described how for multiple reasons I feel I can’t have Elvis sleeping on me anymore. My reasons for co-sleeping in such a way that he was sleeping face down on me (tummy to tummy) were purely selfish.

He makes an awful lot of noise on his back and I’m a terribly light sleeper. Too concerned about the rule of tummy sleeping, I could only happily do it if he was on me.

It did make feeding easier as I’d wake up at the first cue – his little head moving around frantically – so he never truly woke up.

My reasons to end co-sleeping are also technically selfish – I’d rather be awake from noise than be kicked in my scar. But there’s no point in finding a different co-sleeping position as it will involve him on his back and noisy. Well, seeing as all co-sleeping (prepared and un-prepared) is against the rules I may as well go Moses again.

He had been sleeping in it at night fine. Until the noises and I stopped him.

At 10pm, he went down and I don’t remember sleeping for the next two hours, but at just gone midnight ne started getting noisy. I say I don’t remember sleeping as I felt like I didn’t, but I must have been in and out.

Midnight, he’s noisy and I feed him as part of the noise includes thumb sucking. He feeds for ten minutes and goes back to quieter sleep. Was that an efficient feed or not hungry feed? Whichever, I go to sleep concerned he’s going to wake up in far less than 3 hours; and he has done 4 or 5 hours regularly overnight.

3am and I’m suddenly jolted awake by proper full on crying. It’s the deepest sleep I’ve had in days, missing all of his feeding cues, causing Elvis to be wide awake (and screaming) for his nappy change because he pooed! When we co-slept I never slept through and he never woke up.

He’s now having a mammoth feed and hopefully it’s still dark enough that he goes back to sleep in his Moses, but we’ve all slept.

I’d call this trial successful so far. A few more hours and we’ll see as he normally considers 0500 as morning although I refuse to get up!

~ Persephone M

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