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Booby Talk: The Sequel

It was awful.

I am never giving Elvis a bottle again.

On a truly selfish note, bottle feeding took two hands so I couldn’t tweet, facebook or blog. Same with expressing. Actually breastfeeding – one hand!
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Booby Talk

Boys, you may want to not read this post.

Girlies, it may still proove far too much information, but, hey, I’m a breastfeeding mum! My day revolves around booby so why wouldn’t a post or two?

I’m currently waiting for Elvis to wake up. We had a busy morning and he fought napping the whole time until I was almost home. So I didn’t think he’d stay asleep in his pushchair. Almost two hours later he’s still out cold!

And I’m waiting because he fed almost 4 hours ago so he’ll be hungry – he goes just about 3 hours during the day but 6 over night so he’s fine. But I’m waiting because when he wakes hungry I’m going to give him a bottle!
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Days, Weeks, Months

Elvis is 10 weeks old.

Or 71 days.

Or roughly 2 and a half months. Just under the half really.

That’s where it starts to get complicated. 4 weeks does not a month make.

How do you measure your child/rens ages?
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Monthly Monday Weigh In

With the home visits from the health visitor over, it’s now my duty to take Elvis to my local children’s centre for his weight checks.

It’s now supposed to be monthly, or more frequently if I’m worried, and the centre’s open on a Monday for it.

Place your weight guesses now!
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Boys In My Bed

Depending on my mood, I’m either perfectly content bed sharing with Elvis, petrified of cot death by bed sharing or annoyed by bed sharing.

According to my research, I’ve minimised most risks of SIDS whilst bed sharing. Our only risk factors are that he’s under 3 months old and he’s a boy! Both factors increase his risk of SIDS and the male thing, well he was born that way!

Yet 2 out of 3 times I wish I wasn’t bed sharing. But I see no way out of it.
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Jumping on the Royal Bandwagon

I don’t really care about famous people’s pregnancies. It’s not meant as a mean thing, I just don’t really follow celebrities like that. Sure, I follow certain people on twitter – normally part of my geekness, not because I want to stalk them through nine months of a pregnancy and then in the months following. It isn’t that I’m unhappy for them, I just don’t think it’s any of my (read: the world’s) business. Which is why I’ve never blogged, tweeted, etc about any pregnancy of a famous person. Including Kate Middleton’s.

Until now.

I’m jumping, not on the bandwagon of following her pregnancy. Obviously, her son has been born. Neither is it the bandwagon of what will the prince be called. The whole world knows.

Nope, I’m on the bandwagon of #Dontbuyok.

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Routine, Is That You?

Okay, I know it’s early days. In fact it’s only the second day of this… pattern, perhaps that’s a better word. And I am no way taking it as the new regime, the future forever. In fact with daddy due to be at home for the weekend it’ll probably be over tomorrow!


This is the second day of feed, play, nap!

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Breastfeeding: Going it Alone. With Spectators

I attend a children’s centre group where no other parent breastfeeds. There’s no problem with that; it’s a personal choice. But I do feel in the minority. I am in the minority. I’ve attended a breastfeeding group where everyone breastfeeds and I felt awkward there as well as at my current group.

And today I realised why.

I’m not embarrassed to feed in public, done it in many restaurants/pubs. Why am I in a room full of mums and their children, whether their boobs were out or not?
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Back to Normal

Now I know there is no real normal, not between babies or within one baby, but after yesterday Elvis is currently back to more regular, 3 hourly feeding!

There are still no feeding cues, but he’s not constantly fussing, he’s not screaming at a feed.

He’s still doing some quick feeds, but he’s not fussy just an hour later, he seems satisfied.
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Growth Spurting?

I’m not sure if he is, but along with me losing all ability to register early hunger cues (or Elvis has stopped giving them) E also seems to be feeding little and often.

And it’s killing me.

I seriously keep thinking about stopping.

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