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Mummy Moment: Times Two

on July 2, 2013

Elvis is thoroughly confusing! I’m sure all babies are. Last week he barely wanted to sleep, could not be put down and fed regularly at 3 or more hours. Then it seemed that he was alternating days between sleeping lots and being awake.

Now he’s on his second day of sleeping a lot.

Something’s clearly been changing overnight – my boobs proove that!

Overnight, Elvis can do one 4 or 5 hour gap, which, for one boob, means 8 hours between feeds. Last night I felt my let down, which I haven’t felt since the second or third week and makes me feel faint. Now it’s starting to happen during the day.

Today my boobs have been thoroughly confused over Elvis’ naps and times between feedings. He’s still emptying them, just less frequently. I and them might be confused, but I still made the most of his naps!

The first one was only 3 hours after we’d gotten up. I was quickly googling about recognising baby’s cries (I can’t, is that wrong?) whilst rocking Elvis in his chair because he was fussing a bit. I fully i tended on then playing with or trying to figure out what he wanted. Except as I put the phone down I realised he was asleep. Leaving him in his chair, I grabbed an hour on the sofa.

When we awoke it was time for afternoon tea for him and then we popped to the shops. On the way home he fell asleep and stayed asleep once inside for long enough for me to clean the kitchen sink, actually prep dinner, transfer some CDs to my itunes and add more old photos to iphoto.

All until he started making cues and I just gave him a 20 minute feed.

It’ll all go wrong tomorrow, won’t it?

~ Persephone M


2 responses to “Mummy Moment: Times Two

  1. mhaggerton says:

    Once you think you have them figured out they go and do the opposite!

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