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My Guilty Little Secret

on July 2, 2013

There’s technically 2 rolled into one and it’s by far less of a secret than it ever used to be – my RL and internet names have already combined on tbis blog. Just scroll down to my twitter feed. One thing I tried for many years to keep secret, mainly because a lot of people don’t understand, is that I’m a geek acting, TV loving, convention going individual.

Even now some RL friends will read and go “What? Really?” Followed by “Do you dress up?” Then there are sniggers and quizzical looks.

Roughly 2-3 times a year I travel however far, normally into London, to attend a convention. I’d generalise and say a sci-fi convention, but it isn’t that strict. The fandoms covered include (as a short list) Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Stargate, Charmed, Supernatural, Indiana Jones, X Files, Game of Thrones and more. Not all of them are science fiction.

No, I don’t dress up or cosplay. Others do and it is by no means fancy dress or buying a Spiderman outfit from Argos or local fancy dress shop. These people make their costumes and have to make every detail as accurate as possible. One outfit can take them months to source and create.

I don’t have the creativity for it.

So, at these conventions, or signing event, guests from the various fandoms sit at tables and people queue up to meet them, get a signed picture and maybe have a photo taken of them with the guest. Then there are the rows of dealer tables selling collectible goods from t-shirts to trading cards, comic books to action figures and not forgetting those movie props.

I’m quite a soft-core con goer. I have my list of guest meets and I wander the dealers tables a few times. The only things I collect are trading cards and maybe the odd Family Guy t-shirt for the husband. I don’t really get involved with the social side of things (although using twitter helps!).

I missed my usual first of the season – Collectormania Milton Keynes in May – because I’d just given birth. This weekend is the 2nd, the biggest and one I haven’t missed in 8 years. And I’m considering going! Which is the second guilty secret, at 7 weeks old I’m considering trekking my son all the way to London for purely selfish reasons!

On the one hand, there is no routine at home especially on a weekend whereas in a few months there will be and I’ll still be breastfeeding so won’t be able to go. In a year, I may be able to go, if I can leave Elvis at home. It’s all dependent on feeding. As long as I can find somewhere to feed him whenever he needs to, he won’t fully know the difference.

And the train journey won’t be as long as we’ve already taken together. There’ll just be 2 in one day.

My concerns are finding somewhere to feed him and what if the event is too busy. Sunday’s are normally quieter and in recent years I’ve walked straight in, met the guests I want to meet and then been on a train home before lunch. And last time that was without getting up super early.

What if all the guests I want to meet are busy even on Sunday and I end up not meeting anyone. That’s a waste of money and sleep. But if I do go, I could sit on the Iron Throne with Elvis and have lots of tiny mummy moments that aren’t easily reproduced and are almost once in a lifetime.

Is it selfish? Or will Elvis just sleep through it?

I do not know!

~ Persephone M


7 responses to “My Guilty Little Secret

  1. Valerie says:

    Not selfish AT ALL! You are taking him with you to something you enjoy – we do that all the time!! You are just thinking of somewhere not too close to home, right? Well, I’ll tell ya – now is the TIME because once he’s even just a few months older, he won’t need the sleep like he does now, nor will he want to sit quietly while you travel on a train (at least, only one of my three would ever sit quietly, so I’m figuring most older babies won’t!), which means you’ll be leaving him behind, which might make you feel guilty! So go this time!! Enjoy. 😀
    (And I apologize for my overuse of exclamation marks in this comment…)

    • Persephone says:

      Exclamation marks can never be overused!

      The other thing is I’m still on decent maternity pay (to spend there) whereas I won’t be in October.

      I might see how the night before goes, but be ready to go.

      Thank you for the reassurance and advice 🙂

  2. mhaggerton says:

    Yes go!! Like Valerie said it will be much easier now! He will sleep and just find a little spot to will be all good! And I gotta say I’ve just jumped on the DW bandwagon and I love love love it! I’m considering buying a TARDIS mei tai!

    • Persephone says:

      I’m new to the DW fandom, since Matt Smith, but there’s always a Doctor at a convention! If Elvis has a good night before we’ll go because Autumn’s looking like no goes.

      And who knows about next year!

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