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It’s Getting Hot In Here

on July 8, 2013

We are having some mini – hopefully – heat wave and despite having no walls or windows in direct sunlight this house is boiling.

I mean uncomfortable, unbearably hot. I don’t know how people in hotter climates do it. So I’ve got a self imposed stay at home thing going on. Partially so I don’t have to wear clothes and mainly because it’s hotter out there. Although I think there’s more of a breeze outside!

Elvis got a bit needy after his 3pm feed and I just couldn’t keep holding him. I swear normally at night I start to miss the duvet at 3am and keep missing it until 8am; today I wanted the duvet from 4 til 5am! Anyway, it’s too hot to hold him. I’m in just my underwear and sweating.

I’ve put him in his cot under his mobile and he’s smiling and laughing away to himself, kicking and punching the air furiously, and me? I could use this semi-lazy parenting moment (I know he needs time to play independently, but he also needs me to spend time with him) for a lovely Mummy Moment on my Mac or anything other than blogging, but it is too hot. Is sitting under a mobile that much different than being linked in front of the tele?

I do wonder though if Mr Blue Horse, Mrs Orange Rabbit and Mr Green Chicken are Elvis’ new best friends as they float around his head. He follows them with his eyes and cries a bit when it stops. But is it like in the Rugrats where, to him, they’re real?

Honestly it’s the best purchase I’ve made and it was second hand!

Lazy and hot,
~ Persephone M


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