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Heat + Breastfeeding

on July 9, 2013

Because I didn’t leave the house yesterday due to the heat, I didn’t notice Elvis’ feeding pattern change. It did have me a bit concerned with everyone telling me babies feed/drink more in the heat and Elvis didn’t. Although he didn’t go to bed as easily as normal and a couple of the feeds lasted longer than normal.

Well I took him out today and if it hadn’t have been for the appointment I’d made, I would have stayed home. All I did was walk twenty minutes to Nanny’s and Elvis was screaming. He’d just been fed so I checked his nappy. He calmed for a little bit and then got antsy again. A feed saw him good. Then he was irritable for the hour we were running errands before he fell asleep. Four hours after the stressy feed, he was still asleep as I made my way home. He has now fed. Or drunk anyway!

I certainly won’t be taking him out during this heat wave again. It simply seems pointless unless there’s a good enough reason.

My question is how do boobs know?
During a growth spurt, baby feeds a lot to stimulate later production. So for a few days of constant feeding, mummy then produces enough for baby to get enough in fewer feedings. But if a baby feeds more in the heat for thirst, how do boobs preempt that? Is it boobies can always, easily make watery milk, but need preparation to make the higher calorie milk? As my body registers the heat increase, does it automatically make more watery milk?

I trust my body and milk, I’m just curious. I’m so thankful that I have no reason to leave the house tomorrow because I don’t like subjecting my boy to this heat. Not when it’s hot enough inside! I even refused to go food shopping on my way home because it’s too hot. Dinner be damned! Thursday I have another appointment and Friday I have a class I need to attend where I’m going to have to carry Elvis if it was just a normal bet together, I’d blow it off – Elvis’s health is more important than his or my social skills – but it’s a class I booked and really want to attend. Saturday and Sunday should be quiet and easier on the little boy.

But how does my body know to make more in heat? Google search time!

~ Persephone M


5 responses to “Heat + Breastfeeding

  1. mhaggerton says:

    I don’t either, but isn’t it amazing!?

  2. Valerie says:

    Our bodies are seriously cool! I have no idea the science behind it, but I’m sure someone knows! haha
    Sorry he was so unsettled and fussy while you were out. That’s how I feel all SUMMER long here in GA! lol This humidity kills me…

    • Persephone says:

      We Brits are seriously wimps when it comes to weather! I can’t blame him for it when I’m this damn uncomfortable! Sun, rain or snow and we come to a grinding halt because each is so rare and severe. Other people suffer far worse weather. X

      • Valerie says:

        Haha, I grew up in the cold climate of Michigan (think: Canada!) so when I moved to Georgia (think: deep south!) I was in for a hard change!! I love the winters here because they are so mild and the kids can still spend plenty of time outdoors, but OH, the summers! 😦 So hot and humid. Blah.

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