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Review: Little Pickles … Again!

on July 13, 2013

I am seriously addicted to these markets! I have no idea what I’m going to do between now and September as they take a summer break.

At today’s I spent under £20 and bought some essentials and some not so essentials. All of it clothing. Well, with the discovery mid-week that Elvis no longer fits into 0-3 month clothes, I needed to do something! So a-shopping I went. And I went around twice. I think it’s only the second Market I’ve been to since not being pregnant – bending to look in boxes is far easier now!

Let’s see I bought some basic vests for 3-6 and 6-9 months, a cute Tigger dungaree set that’s brand new, two swimming costumes and a Christmas outfit.

Explanation, I’ve already got swimming costumes for in a year’s time and enough to last a year (in-law live abroad) so I managed to get costumes for before then, in case we go on holiday to the in-law before then. I also plan on taking him swimming before then; I’ve researched local swimming classes and hope to start in August, but I may have to wait until October depending on the venue/company. I already have the swimming nappies!

As for the Christmas outfit, well it’s the right size outdoor suit and it was £1 and will be perfect to get Elvis to our family’s for lunch. It’s a character ‘costume’ and I might even use it for cute photos in the lead up to his first Christmas. I’d feared that the only way to get Christmas clothing would be in the January markets, but no the summer one had Christmas stuff. I’m so pleased with myself.

The market itself was nice and large, not too hot on this awfully hot day. Loads of space in between the tables, ideal when you’re with the pushchair and although hubby, Elvis and I walked there, nanny drove and found parking easy – perfect if you do purchase any of the bulkier toys, pushchairs, stair gates etc. I may have said before in my review of other Markets that the one negative I really find (other than the one venue that is far too tiny to take Pushchairs to) is the pressure with regards to looking at clothes. Because it’s someone selling their own old children’s clothes, when you’re rummaging about in a box of clothes only to turn around and not buy anything, does the seller feel like you’re turning your nose up at their stuff? It might be something I learn to live with in a few years as I totally plan on selling Elvis’s old stuff at one. When I’m more awake in general with my life!

On the other hand, being able to discuss toys, Prams and other assorted baby accessories with the current owner is very useful. If they’re telling the truth, obviously, and not just trying to sell their items.

There was also a free baby yoga taster session running, but Elvis was too little. Maybe next time!

Another success. I love Little Pickles!

~ Persephone M

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