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Winter is Coming…

on July 15, 2013

I wish.

I officially cannot cope with this heat. Neither can Elvis. It’s too hot and it isn’t cooling down overnight. His feeding patterns have gone haywire. He cues, plays on both sides for a minute each and stops. A few minutes later he’s saying he’s hungry again.

He doesn’t want to be too hot, but he wants to be held and only a few feeds have been long enough. He does seem to be weeping and an explosive poo that led to me needing to bath him on my own (a baby/mummy first) shows he is eating. It really doesn’t feel like it. I might need to go buy some wetness indicator nappies just to reassure myself.

Currently, Elvis is lying kinda in my lap flailing his arms about, happily staring at the curtain covered window. The curtain is moving from a breeze that fails to reach me and I can only hope that Elvis doesn’t want lifting up to be calmed/soothed because it’s too hot.

Last night he woke for feeding (read drinking) every three hours and at the half two feeding it was so impossibly hot I was severely tempted to stop his feed after 20/30 minutes because it was just so hot. Either Elvis sense this or I shifted and knocked him off but he was asleep, seemingly content and no longer on me. I might have to break out a chair for feeding on and risk waking up more because it’s too hot to feed in bed.

Anyone think that perhaps I’m finding this weather far too hot?

Neither of us have napped today and we’ve been up over 12 hours now, but we seem to be surviving. I just want the angry face on my room thermometer to go away!

~ Persephone M

4 responses to “Winter is Coming…

  1. Valerie says:

    We blast the air conditioner when it’s hot. We keep it very comfy in the house (and then don’t want to leave!) It doesn’t sound like you have that, huh? 😦

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