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on July 21, 2013

As it’s still the weekend and we all got a second lie in (well yesterday it was 7am when Elvis and I awoke, 8am for all of us today) I was quite pleased that it felt slightly cooler out and that we could all perhaps venture out to town and proper shops. Not just the food and second hand shops nearby.

I only wanted to go to try and find a few things for Elvis, but it needed to be proper baby shops.

And I found everything I wanted!
Being a lover of Little Pickles, NCT nearly new sales and charity shops (which the pushchair doesn’t fit in!), I have been looking for things I want at those first. With the NCT sales being only twice a year (October is the next one) and Little Pickles taking a summer break, I had to turn to brand new things.

The other night Daddy and Elvis were looking in my mirror and E apparently found himself! Apparently he was grinning at this other baby. I was in another room and haven’t seen him do it yet, although nanny and I keep trying. I did question though, do babies recognise their parents in a mirror? Because it’s a reflection of their parent and therefore not identical. Do babies, at some age, freak out because they know they’re in their parents arms, but their parent is opposite to them? Or do they just think it’s someone else? Anyway, it made me more determined to find a cot mirror.

I’ve been looking for a while in the local second hand baby shop (located opposite where we go for our monthly portraits) but there haven’t been any. I had a look in Mothercare this morning. Nope. They had the Blossom Farm one which I think is too small, but does have a musical pull thing. In Boots, hubby found a Bright Starts one which doubles as a car mirror. Irrelevant for our family, but perfect for E in his cot.

I noticed this morning in his cot that E follows the three animals with his eyes differently to before. He follows them further around and doesn’t jump to the closest one anymore. I think he’s learnt their pattern!

I also wanted to buy new bras (for me) because of the heat and sweat – I can’t cope with just 2 and doing washing every day! And I got a Grandchild on Board sign for Nanny’s car!

In Mothercare, along with the bras and car sign, I also bought a Blossom Farm ball that jingles when shaken or rolls. I know he isn’t mobile or anything yet, but I think it’ll help with tummy time.

Those were the essential things done and we headed to Waterstones to try and spend the vouchers I got on my last birthday! Well the latest Dorothy Koomson book wasn’t in stock. There isn’t a new Matthew Reilly one yet and I forgot to look up any other author! So what did I spend some of my voucher on? A nursery rhyme CD for E and a Snuggle Bunny book. It’s one of those books with a puppet in the middle – a bunny – and a rhyming story about getting ready for bed. Well, I started to read it to E in the shop and he was grinning! So we bought it in preparation for his bedtime routine along with the nursery rhymes.

How’s that for motherly love, spending my birthday voucher on E? I will treat myself at some point!

Daddy also decided to buy E a bouncer/walker despite being 4 months too early and short on space as it is! Oh, silly Daddy!

I think we may have a few more hot days, but then the weather’s going to change. It doesn’t matter, I have more bras, a mirror, ball, nursery rhymes and a bedtime book!

~ Persephone M

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