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Mega Mummy Moment

on July 23, 2013

I’m going to write this post as a two parter – the lead up and after-show of a Mega Mummy Moment.

Daddy has the day off to visit the dentist in an hour and the sun has finally gone, the breeze is actually kind of chilly! It’s lovely. So after what should be a feed at 2pm, I’m going swimming!

I am going to leave the house, leave my boy and go swimming. Alone. I am going to have a 15 minute walk there and back. Alone. I’m going to swim for 30 minutes. Alone. I’ll probably leave washing my hair until I get home, just so I’m not out too long. Just in case.

I haven’t been swimming since week 39, 12 weeks ago! I found it so relaxing whilst pregnant. I could manage 22-24 lengths in 30 minutes. My quick, painless recovery from my c-section is all down to swimming, I reckon.

I’m quite excited, fingers crossed nothing comes up!

It hasn’t just been the weather stopping me; I really don’t like the idea of going on a weekend even despite it being the summer holidays now. The times I’ve been on the weekend, the pool floor has been too deep for me which was impossible whilst heavily pregnant. Now? I might be fine not being able to stop after a few lengths as I can’t stand up, but I don’t want to risk my tummy muscles first time out!

If all goes okay, I’ll try and work into a weekday where I can go swimming and leave E with Nanny, but I wanted the first time to be with Daddy. Plus, Nanny’s off on holiday soon – Daddy’s taking a day off each week to cover her absence. I might even work some expressing into my weekend routine to help out Nanny/Daddy if it’s needed or to take a feed from me! Any helpful hints on an occasional expressed bottle are welcome!

Not long to go now! Oooooh……

And I went swimming!

I was convinced that I’d get there and the adult pool would be closed or only the 2 meter depth would be open. Nope, it all went, ahem, swimmingly. It looked like it could be going wrong when E fed early twice. I’d planned on his usual routine being a feed at 2. E had other plans and got hungry over an hour early! I made sure to double boob him, with a nappy change in the middle. On the second boob, he started fussing and not swallowing the milk. I consider this him full. So I passed him to daddy and bolted!

It was quite refreshing swimming a whole length and not being out of breath, not heaving myself out of the pool because I’m huge and not waddling super carefully to/from the pool.

I managed 4 lengths more than at the end of my pregnancy and that was with a few minutes chatting to a mum and her 5 month old. Afterwards, I quickly got dressed and headed home. I didn’t stress at leaving him, didn’t worry too much at all. And I had no reason to worry. I arrived home to find E asleep on Daddy’s chest. They’d been like that for half an hour and I’d been gone just a little over an hour. With E asleep, I grabbed a shower and less than an hour later E was busy rooting around me – clearly signalling hunger!

Again he got hungry quicker than 3 hours, but I wonder if part of that was because he’d missed me? Is that possible?

I’m not even sure about expressing for him, not if I can be back in an hour and a half. Although I might express for his first swim; again, any advice is welcome!

So, my Mega mummy moment successful and the first of many! I feel quite energised right now!

~ Persephone M

4 responses to “Mega Mummy Moment

  1. lynnc2010 says:

    I am super happy for you! I am so glad you had a good experience the first time you left your little one!! Great job Momma!!

  2. Valerie says:

    Wonderful! Not only some alone time but getting in an activity you enjoy and that’s good for you!

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