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Growth Spurting?

on July 24, 2013

I’m not sure if he is, but along with me losing all ability to register early hunger cues (or Elvis has stopped giving them) E also seems to be feeding little and often.

And it’s killing me.

I seriously keep thinking about stopping.

Today I have had more sleep and rest than the past few yet I feel more tired. I have cried multiple times since 3pm due to feeing so tired.

I no longer know when Elvis is hungry. However often today he’s started crying, I’ve offered him food, he’s sucked a few times and then screamed. At no feeding has he fed for more than 10 minutes before the pulling, kicking and screaming starts. And he’s slept a lot.

The problem is I have no idea what he wants or if I’m doing the right thing. Shouldn’t I know? I’m his mother.

Is he actually feeding/drinking enough? He barely seems attached before the screaming starts. He’d tell me if he wasn’t happy though? Right? That’s what lungs are for? He can’t have learnt to not bother? He can’t have given up?

Or does he now do small feeds more frequently? Have I taught him that?

Is this just a phase?

I hate not knowing if he’s really getting enough, getting what he wants. It’s why I feel like giving up. I won’t give up though. Not for 6 months, that’s my dream goal despite how the more immediate milestones are week by week.

Only 119 days to go!

~ Persephone M

11 responses to “Growth Spurting?

  1. lynnc2010 says:

    As long as he is still gaining weight I wouldn’t worry about it… I don’t really know a lot about breast feeding though, being a formula feeder… But I know that right now Zoey (she is 2 months) has been taking smaller more frequent feeds because of the heat, she is more thirsty.. is it hot where you are? Could that be the issue?

  2. mummyshymz says:

    I think he could be comfort feeding. How old is your baby?

  3. mhaggerton says:

    Yes for sure he can be going through a growth spurt! And also like lynn2010 said he might be thirsty. As long as he is having wet diapers and gaining he is good! It’s good to have a goal! It’s going to fly and you might want to go a year!!

  4. My goal was 6 mths too and I was so glad when I reached it (I ended up going until 7mths but I was comp feeing with a bottle by then too). Not everyone enjoys breastfeeding so don’t feel bad if you don’t. it is a hard slog when you are demand feeding too. I did the same as you, tried to feed all the time when my bub was upset. It’s hard. I think a 10min feed would probably be sufficient for his age (from memory) so don’t worry about that. And like the others said as long as he is gaining weight you are sweet. If you think that maybe he shouldn’t be too hungry again yet but he is crying then try to settle him without the feed first. I used to put my little one in the baby carrier and walk around with him. If he was hungry he’d keep crying, if not, he’d settle. Good luck! I hope this info is helpful. Those early months are hard. It gets easier I promise.

    • Oh and PS how’s your diet? If you aren’t eating a lot due to stress then you won’t be getting as many nutrients and this can effect your milk supply. He could be getting upset as it isn’t flowing easily (I had this problem for a bit). Also if it continues then maybe have a check up and ask about reflux. Feeding could be hurting him poor poppet.

      • Persephone says:

        He seems back to normal so far today. I think it was a spurt or him just being really picky! Your comments are both really helpful, it does make me feel better! I think my diet’s ok but it could be better on an evening! I do need to work on healthier evening meals x

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