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Breastfeeding: Going it Alone. With Spectators

on July 26, 2013

I attend a children’s centre group where no other parent breastfeeds. There’s no problem with that; it’s a personal choice. But I do feel in the minority. I am in the minority. I’ve attended a breastfeeding group where everyone breastfeeds and I felt awkward there as well as at my current group.

And today I realised why.

I’m not embarrassed to feed in public, done it in many restaurants/pubs. Why am I in a room full of mums and their children, whether their boobs were out or not?
In the breastfeeding group everyone had their boobs out. Everyone. And Elvis was only 3 weeks old. I was new to breastfeeding and seeing everyone feeding was quite off-putting. I was also concerned that the breastfeeding support people, or other mums, would start critiquing me on my technique. As a new mum that was a horrendous thought.

And also a silly thought.

Any critiquing would only have been help to improve!

This morning I knew that E would need feeding at the group I attend and I was worried. Was I worried because all those non-breastfeeding mums might judge me? Or because they might all think I’m judging them? Or because some daddys come along too?


I realised today that it’s because I haven’t fed in public alone. Hubby has always been with me to help cover me as we get started. Who would hold a muslin and keep me covered as E latched on? What if I exposed too much of my bra? What if I did make some of these mums uncomfortable? What if they had problems with breastfeeding and have a resentment? What if E decided to be fussy again?

Well, E was perfect. No one stared, or even batted an eyelid. And he was a happy little boy afterwards who did such a loud poo that every mum and dad did turn and look. #embarrassed!

So I overcame that feeding obstacle. Phew. Now to be that confident in a more public place. Although public in this city has it’s own unique set of properties – I work (when I did!) in an all girls senior school (ages 11-16) which means they’re everywhere at normal times let alone when it’s time to get a booby out.

One breastfeeding step at a time!

~ Persephone M

3 responses to “Breastfeeding: Going it Alone. With Spectators

  1. lynnc2010 says:

    I’m glad you had such a great experience!!

  2. mhaggerton says:

    Yay! So very proud of you!

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