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Jumping on the Royal Bandwagon

on July 27, 2013

I don’t really care about famous people’s pregnancies. It’s not meant as a mean thing, I just don’t really follow celebrities like that. Sure, I follow certain people on twitter – normally part of my geekness, not because I want to stalk them through nine months of a pregnancy and then in the months following. It isn’t that I’m unhappy for them, I just don’t think it’s any of my (read: the world’s) business. Which is why I’ve never blogged, tweeted, etc about any pregnancy of a famous person. Including Kate Middleton’s.

Until now.

I’m jumping, not on the bandwagon of following her pregnancy. Obviously, her son has been born. Neither is it the bandwagon of what will the prince be called. The whole world knows.

Nope, I’m on the bandwagon of #Dontbuyok.

Ok! is a weekly magazine that decided to run with a cover all about the weight loss regime that Kate will follow, or at least that’s how I read it from the front cover. Here’s an article from the Huffington Post, because I am not going near their website to find any information. Why should I give them internet hits when I find this cover appalling?

I find the whole coverage over her pregnancy appalling.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to know what gender the third in line to the throne would be. I also cared what his name was, discussing it with my mum and trying to guess. What I did not want to know was that the world’s media was all standing there, waiting eagerly for a woman who had just given birth to emerge from the maternity ward.

A woman who looked bloody marvellous for having just given birth! But a woman nonetheless who simply married her University sweetheart.

I know that she knew what she was getting into, of sorts. They knew that the whole world would be following her entire nine months and beyond. She would not have failed to witness what her new family went through years before she even knew them. Wills is the same age as me and I remember being told about Princess Diana’s death, that even the kid’s TV channels kept flashing up information about it! How could Kate not know what she was marrying into?

So, fair enough, she may have been prepped before they left the hospital. She may have forced herself to look that good, have perfect hair, not look too tired, because she knew the world’s press was right there waiting. But to have a magazine discussing her weight loss just days later…? That’s shocking.

Kudos to Katy Hill to tweet what she did! I love the fact that she posted a picture of herself two months post birth. Perhaps all of us mothers should post post-pregnancy bump pictures, to reassure the other mothers out there that we don’t have to live up to the celebrity trend of being stick thin so quickly (I do not mean Kate post birth, she just looked fantastic straight away!). Fair enough that some people regain their pre-pregnancy body quickly and without doing anything, but plenty don’t. I may have lost the pregnancy weight, I have not lost the pregnancy belly. One of my mother in laws thought I was still pregnant when she saw me a week after giving birth (cheers, love).

A lot of bloggers post weekly or monthly bump pictures to show their progress. Well, I think some post prrgnancy bump pictures are needed! Here’s mine – 9.5 weeks since Elvis was born.


And a sleepy Elvis!

~ Persephone M

14 responses to “Jumping on the Royal Bandwagon

  1. mhaggerton says:

    I agree. My mom made a comment about how she still looked pregnant when she came out of the hospital. I feel like I shouldn’t have had to school her on what a postpartum belly looked like.. And I then thought how sad that if she feels that way then other people have had the same thought. It’s a sad world we live in when women’s bodies are set at this unbelievable standard.

    • Persephone says:

      Because it’s what the media show and what a lot of women feel they have to look like. Just look at the articles showing “fat” mothers. If the media won’t embrace real post birth bumps, we all at least should!

  2. Katy Hill says:

    Fab blog! And that pic of you and Elvis is DIVINE! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Reblogged this on Stepping Stones To Remember and commented:
    She said what I would have said. I’ll add my post partum photo at a later date.

  4. lynnc2010 says:

    I love this! You look fabulous by the way 🙂 I think our little ones have birthdays close together, I’m about 9.5/10 weeks postpartum as well! There is definitely too much emphasis on getting back to your pre baby body asap after having a baby. It’s sad. I figure it took 9 months to get that way (27 months for my back to back pregnancies) and I am entitled to the same length of time to lose most of the baby weight. (I am only 13 months into the 27 if you add up the months I wasn’t pregnant, so I still have a long way to go!)

    • Persephone says:

      I never thought about it that way! I just figure, even if you can afford financially the trainers or nutritionists etc, how do you have the time? And the energy? I went swimming for fun last week and felt extra tired! I was only out of the house alone for an hour!

      Do those people who work at getting so quickly back in to shape spend less time with their newborn?

  5. You guys look gorgeous! Great pic and a great post!

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