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Days, Weeks, Months

on July 30, 2013

Elvis is 10 weeks old.

Or 71 days.

Or roughly 2 and a half months. Just under the half really.

That’s where it starts to get complicated. 4 weeks does not a month make.

How do you measure your child/rens ages?
I think it was about week 3 that I stopped going by the day, moving exclusively to weeks and the use of “just over” or “nearly”.

I’m not onto months yet. I’m thinking I’ll do 11, 12, 13 weeks and it should be near enough to 3 months to then go by the month marker.

Most milestone markers are done by month, aren’t they? After 12 weeks?

For now I’m sticking to weeks. For 3 more and then it’s the big 3 month mark. Ooooh! His photoshoot’s already booked!

~ Persephone M

5 responses to “Days, Weeks, Months

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  2. Pregnancy is the same. Am 17 wks which is mid 4 months so is it 4 1/2 months? But 4×4=16 so not quite there. Too blooming confusing!

  3. I did weeks until 3 months and I moved to months. Now Monkey is almost 2 and I’ve only just stopped doing months and I say “almost 2” lol. Once he has had his birthday I’ll just stick with years. Until he is almost 3 I guess and then “almost” will make an appearance again.

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