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on July 31, 2013

Boys, you may want to not read this post.

Girlies, it may still proove far too much information, but, hey, I’m a breastfeeding mum! My day revolves around booby so why wouldn’t a post or two?

I’m currently waiting for Elvis to wake up. We had a busy morning and he fought napping the whole time until I was almost home. So I didn’t think he’d stay asleep in his pushchair. Almost two hours later he’s still out cold!

And I’m waiting because he fed almost 4 hours ago so he’ll be hungry – he goes just about 3 hours during the day but 6 over night so he’s fine. But I’m waiting because when he wakes hungry I’m going to give him a bottle!

It’s a bottle of expressed milk.

He had a bottle a couple of times in his first few weeks – formula and BM – but I made Daddy give them.

I never intended to express milk. Don’t get me wrong, don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t understand why some mums express loads all the time. I would genuinely like to know why mums do that, anyone able to enlighten me?

Anywho, the other morning – TMI WARNING– I woke up with a dripping boob. And the next feed was over an hour away and on the other boob so I sorted out the steriliser. Jesus, the amount that leaked whilst I waited for the pump and bottle to cool!

In less than 10 minutes I got over 4oz which since the last time I tried (3 weeks old) it seemed like gallons. And in less than 10 minutes? And with no nipple pain? My goodness, expressing had been so hard back then. I thought that’s how it would always be! Today I got almost 3oz in 5 minutes.

It really reassures me that E is getting enough in his 10/15 minute feeds.

So, as it had never been a plan, I couldn’t freeze it and the fridge time allowance is almost up so I have to give it to him or chuck it.

I feel really apprehensive though. Did anyone else? I’m not worried about how he reacts. If he refuses to take a bottle then I’ll never express again, won’t buy freezer bags and will throw 7oz away! I feel apprehensive. Like it’s wrong.

When I know it isn’t.

In those first few weeks, when it was formula out of worry and expressed to give me a break at night, I refused to give the bottle. I refused to give formula as it made me feel like I was failing. The expressed bottle was supposed to give me more sleep so hubby did it.

I’ve never given a bottle and it makes me feel really weird!

Anyone else?

Also, for all those mums who know far more about breastfeeding than me: if breastmilk is specially made with different proportions of hind and fore each time, can the expressed milk be not what baby wants at that time? As in, can it be fatty when all baby wants is a drink?

How does regular expressing and storing work?

Is it something I should be doing?

Why am I nervous about giving E a bottle of my milk?????

~ Persephone M

8 responses to “Booby Talk

  1. Piper's Run says:

    I had to bottle feed my first for 2.5 months because she would not latch properly (born 4 weeks early). I would pump, store in fridge or freezer and give her whatever was next in line. Any breastmilk is good breastmilk. I never had a problem giving my daughter milk that I pumped at night in the morning or vice versa.

    Expressing vs storing – use the oldest milk first is suggested. If it’s not enough hind milk he may just get hungry earlier then normal. I leaked all the time up until 5-6 months. fun times….

    I think it’s good for them to take a bottle. My 8 month old will not take a bottle still, I am struggling because I never get a break from feeding…she’s getting close but we should have kept it up when she was younger.

  2. Valerie says:

    I’ve never given any of mine a bottle, I always had someone else do it because (Idk why!) it made me feel weird!
    I think a lot of times women pump that much to keep their supply up or to prepare for going back to work.

  3. I pumped as I wanted to have supply available so someone else could feed my baby if I wasn’t there. We barely used that option but it was nice to have it when we did. Also, if you ever leave it in the fridge for a bit you will see how the cream layer forms on top so the baby is getting the fatty and the not so fatty just fine. 🙂

    • Persephone says:

      That makes sense; I’ve just noticed in forums some mums do it a lot. Wondered if I was missing something! I do like seeing the creamy layer, its always a different amount too 🙂

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