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Monthly Update: Month 6

Weight: 19lb 1.

Bedtime: Same as last month, 7pm for him and half 9 for him. He still stirs in the night and needs his dummy, but Daddy and I take it in shifts!

Naps/Length: 3, maximum of 3/4 of an hour each. We’re starting to struggle with his last nap and making it to bedtime!

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 feeds. He can still go 9 hours overnight. Maybe a few more!

Favourite toy/objects: Elvis loves standing on his walker and playing with the front of it.

Clothing age: Still 6-9 months.

Foot length: 10cm.

Milestones: Can stand holding on/leaning on toys. We bought him a second hand “sit to stand” tower and he can pull himself up when he’s sitting on our laps.

My swimming ability: 1000m.

What I’m reading: Still on Game of Thrones re-read.

New Foods: Just the basics for starting to introduce solids.

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Wordless Wednesday: Wake Up!


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Mummy at the Movies: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

I discovered this amazing thing a while back, but I had to wait for the absolute perfect time.

One of my local cinemas has a “Newbie” showing once a week on a Tuesday. The lights are left on a bit, the volume’s turned down a bit. And your baby can scream as long as they need to without complaint.

Or babble and squeal at the top of their lungs without fear of dirty looks.

I’d wanted to go and see Thor Dark World on the Newbie screening last week, but there were hitches. Hitches that, in retrospect, I was glad of.

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Silent Sunday 2



Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Less than three weeks ago, I can clearly remember the beginnings of my fear, or apprehension that Elvis was never going to learn to roll over. It just never seemed on his mind. After learning to sit unaided at 4 months, lying down was a position that he just never really wanted to be in. It was also just after he turned 4 months and learnt to sit that we moved him into his cot, giving him far more freedom to move.

And of course, he would be put down on his back on his playmat for short periods, he still showed no signs of rolling!

I was starting to worry (only because everything tells you when each baby should learn to do everything).

Then he suddenly did it! I was so immensely excited.

Now, I hate that he can roll!

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Driving Away in A Big Black Cab

Okay so actually the taxi wasn’t black.

It wasn’t a big taxi cab either, just a regular taxi. And it did drive me away last night.

At 10pm, after Elvis’ dream feed, I called a taxi and left.

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My Real Life Versus My Virtual Life

I’ve been wondering recently, before I started blogging again actually, if I’ve been sharing too much online. Which is such an odd notion for me. As a child born of the 80s, the internet hooked me in the late 90s when I was in the later teen years. The notion of privacy, internet security and meeting online people being risky wasn’t even a thought.

At the age of 16 I became addicted to the internet. I’d never googled anything, there was no facebook, no twitter, no fear. I had my own email address that was my full real name. I created my own website using basic html from a book I got from the library. I used my website to host my fanfiction, some original poetry maybe and heaps of photos. At the age of 18 I met up with an online friend in person; for a few years I’d have considered her a better friend than a lot of my real life ones. My online persona and real life facts were fully intermingled.

Which is why I’m currently a little bit more than a tiny bit pissed off with my real and virtual lives and how one seems to be interfering with the other.

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Sharing the Journey

I’ve never secretive or embarrassed about how I got pregnant. I’ve never hidden my 3 years of trying to get pregnant, or that we used fertility treatment to finally get Elvis.

Obviously that’s the case – it’s the whole point of my original blog!

But it’s also true for the real world. I share links to this blog on my facebook and on my personal twitter. This has caused a few problems with people not seeing eye to eye with me regarding social media.
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Silent Sunday


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Proud Parent!

Elvis is almost 25 weeks old and is so close to 6 months! He’s become this cheeky, smiley, mainly happy baby boy.

Yesterday as I was trying to get him to take his first nap, I thought he’d fallen asleep as his room went quiet.

Nope, he’d rolled over.

He did it 5 times in total. The little scamp!
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