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on November 6, 2013

It’s been 4 full days since starting our new breastfeeding position and it’s going pretty well.

My bottle envy and disheartened feelings toward breastfeeding are passing and it’s all down to the lovely lady from the BFN who spoke to me for an hour last Saturday.

I’m sure the saddle hold will see past the 6 month milestone and hopefully longer.

It felt a little odd at first. And looked it from my angle! I can only seem to get comfortable doing it whilst sitting on the floor, Elvis on one thigh sitting in straddle. I quickly learnt that he has enough strength in his legs to stand up, before unattaching. Ouch! So one leg goes across my lap now – there isn’t enough strength to stand on just one!

From this position, E is free to be as nosey as possible because him being attached is fully under his control. I keep an arm loosely around him just for stability so there are no restrictions on him at all. He loves the freedom. Not that I’ve tried, or feel I even can, this one out in public because he leaves me fully exposed when he has a nosey around.

But he’s stopped punching me, stopped hitting me in the face. He’s stopped kicking out and wriggling, stopped tring to see how elastic I am (the answer’s not at all). He’s stopped protesting for an unknown reason and he seems to have stopped chewing me.

When he sits there, happily feeding, he looks like a toddler to me! In no way whatsoever have I been hit with the he’s growing up too fast hammer. But he does look so big as I look down on him. Last night he fell asleep feeding in this position and was using my boob as a pillow. It was so cute to look at. He hasn’t fallen asleep on me since he was so much smaller.

I am concerned that he isn’t feeding enough during the day and has started waking more at night, but, in all honesty, he does randomly wake up more frequently at night. Sometimes he goes all night. I can’t seem to predict which it will be, but it’s only a problem if I’m not sleeping from insomnia.

Another plus for this position is that he was getting too darn heavy to hold all the time!

~ P

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