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Countdown to Christmas

on November 7, 2013

No, not an actual countdown, although I think it’s about 6 weeks away.

I’ve always been a big planner especially when it then comes to Christmas. I gather the gift guides, read them over and over and decide what I’m going to buy everyone. This year’s no different except I would probably have bought more by now.

I did start buying presents today, none for little Elvis yet!

My prior planning was so advanced I had decided on exactly what to get for a friend’s boy who is only a few weeks older than E. How upset was I when she recently told me that they’d decided to only buy for family this year? I fully appreciate the reasons why, but I’d come up with all the essentials for a pretty little home made sensory box filled with goodies.

I’ve made one for E and he loves it when I use the bits with his signing CD. Christmas is all about giving and not receiving so perhaps I should still do it; I wouldn’t want to make her feel guilty though. Maybe I could still do it for his first birthday?

Elvis’ Christmas present list was written ages ago and, after looking in some shops today, revised slightly. It isn’t that long really! We’re lucky that he turns 7 months just a few days before so lots of the 6+ or 9+ presents can be given as gifts.

Is it easy to go overboard at Christmas? Yep. Are we going overboard on E? Maybe.

But if I count up the number of gifts, it isn’t that many things. Originally I was going to ask family and friends to buy from the list, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m happy to buy all on the list and might actually request people only buy books for E. I want him to have a huge library!

~ P

12 responses to “Countdown to Christmas

  1. I am looking forward to Zoey’s first Christmas! I can’t wait to see her light up when she sees the tree. I had the hardest time with her list though. The boys aren’t much older so I have tons of toys for her already. I got her hair bows and a doll though!

    • Persephone says:

      I have the problem that anything I buy I’ll just want to give him now so I’m holding off actually buying his stuff. Will he and Zoey really understand anything though?

      • Not the gifts or the meaning. But I think they will be captivated by the sights and sounds! Alex was a year old his first Christmas and Nick was 9 months old and they were both entranced by the lights especially. 🙂

      • Persephone says:

        Oh, yes, the lights! I am preparing for a very busy day with far more people than he’s used to. I’ve already bought lots of things that say “My first Christmas”!

  2. I had a book-baby shower so our lil library is chockas! And i love it!

    • Persephone says:

      I might ask for all of his first Christmas/birthday presents to be books as I missed the baby shower version 😦 Catch me up, have you had your baby yet? 🙂

      • Booked in for caesar on jan 2. 32wks today 🙂

      • Persephone says:

        Jan 2! So you’re far more excited for that than Christmas? 🙂 is that really 8 weeks away??? Where has this year gone!

      • 6 1/2 wks away now. Booked in at 39 wks exact. Madly trying to pack up school stuff so can get in back door AND wash all the little white clothes and nappies! Sqwee!!!!!

      • Persephone says:

        So excited for you. A new year’s baby! X

      • Found this gorgeous poem on etsy re asking for books for baby showers but could be used for xmas i reckon!…

        Please bring a book instead of a card.
        Whether Cat in the Hat or Where the Wild Things Are,
        You can sign the book with your thoughts in the cover.
        Your book will be cherished forever.
        Baby X will become smart indeed.
        If we start early, baby will soon learn to read.
        Thank you.

      • Persephone says:

        Cool, thank you. I’ll def use it in his birthday party invites. Although for his first birthday I would like a few cards, with giant Ones on! Or I could buy one giant card and get everyone to sign it! Ooh, I like that idea, too!. Gonna jot this stuff down in my diary. Thanks 🙂 x

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