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on November 9, 2013

Elvis is almost 25 weeks old and is so close to 6 months! He’s become this cheeky, smiley, mainly happy baby boy.

Yesterday as I was trying to get him to take his first nap, I thought he’d fallen asleep as his room went quiet.

Nope, he’d rolled over.

He did it 5 times in total. The little scamp!

After the 5th roll, I put him in a sleeping bag and he fell asleep within seconds.

The thing is a week ago I was worried he’d never learn to roll.

At 24 weeks, Elvis had shown no signs whatsoever of rolling over. Not a one. He’s been sitting unaided for almost two months no, but no rolling. I was getting worried. There we were with no health visitor even believing he could sit as well as he could and no sign of rolling.

Until he finally did it the other day. And now he can’t stop! I was so proud that I scooped him up and squealed at him! I felt prouder than when he first sat up.

Now he wriggles after rolling onto his tummy and starts to move a bit so I’m not worried about crawling.

I know that every baby is different, but when one seems to be skipping or delayed in a stage, now matter how well they can do others, it is worrying.

My little rock ‘n roller!

~ P

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