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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

on November 16, 2013

Less than three weeks ago, I can clearly remember the beginnings of my fear, or apprehension that Elvis was never going to learn to roll over. It just never seemed on his mind. After learning to sit unaided at 4 months, lying down was a position that he just never really wanted to be in. It was also just after he turned 4 months and learnt to sit that we moved him into his cot, giving him far more freedom to move.

And of course, he would be put down on his back on his playmat for short periods, he still showed no signs of rolling!

I was starting to worry (only because everything tells you when each baby should learn to do everything).

Then he suddenly did it! I was so immensely excited.

Now, I hate that he can roll!

See, he rolls all. the. bloody. time.

I mean, the day after he started, I put him down for his nap. After the fifth time I walked back into the room to find him stressing over being trapped on his front, I trapped him in his gro-bag.

Within a few days, a gro-bag was no obstacle and we had to put rolled up blankets under each arm (until he’s asleep then move them so he can roll if he wants to).

Tonight, the blankets aren’t working!


Now, he needs to really be tired enough otherwise he just rolls and rolls and rolls until I finally get him to stop. I think he just wears himself out that little bit more and then when I put him back on his back and put the blankets either side, his eyes close and he’s asleep. Quick as a snap of your fingers!

The other night, middle of the night, I thought he was wimpering because he wanted his dummy back and I’m trying to get him to sleep without it (any tips, please forward them on!). Eventually I went to check on him. He was on his tummy, at the bottom of the cot, horizontally against the bottom unable to put his head down because it kept banging on the mobile controls.

Now, when he wakes up in the night I keep worrying that he hasn’t gone back to sleep when it goes quiet after a wake up. No, it goes quiet because he’s rolled and happy for a moment. But he doesn’t like being on his tummy so starts complaining. Last night, I gave myself insomnia waking fully up because I worried he was going to get trapped on his tummy. He never did, but I was awake throughout anyway.

I tried reading. I eventually gave up and slept on the sofa, leaving every wake up to daddy. Which I think daddy preferred because I wasn’t keeping him awake!

It had never occurred to me that rolling would cause me this kind of stress! I expected the stress of ‘oh, no, he’s mobile!’ but not ‘oh, no, don’t bother sleeping!’

Now to wait until he figures out that he can roll back. Because the little devil can! And then I might stop worrying and start sleeping!


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