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Mummy at the Movies: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

on November 19, 2013

I discovered this amazing thing a while back, but I had to wait for the absolute perfect time.

One of my local cinemas has a “Newbie” showing once a week on a Tuesday. The lights are left on a bit, the volume’s turned down a bit. And your baby can scream as long as they need to without complaint.

Or babble and squeal at the top of their lungs without fear of dirty looks.

I’d wanted to go and see Thor Dark World on the Newbie screening last week, but there were hitches. Hitches that, in retrospect, I was glad of.

I haven’t seen the first Cloudy With, but I figured seeing a film with Elvis that I wasn’t hugely invested in was a good move. The sequel had a mini recap at the very beginning, but it’s a kids film; recaps aren’t needed.

The film started at 1115, right when E is due a nap and then feed. Instead, I fed him first and then got him to sleep. So the first hour of the film was relatively peaceful. My friend’s baby fell asleep, too. Even after both babies woke up it was fine. Because it was a cartoon/child’s film there were no sudden noises, no scary visuals. Sometimes the boys stared up at the screen. Sometimes they just played on the blanket we took.

Obviously, myself and the other mother became distracted at times – you can’t just plonk a 5 and 6 month old down next to each other and expect them not to gauge out eyes or pull hair. But with the film in question, it wasn’t a huge deal. You can’t lost the plot in this kind of film.

If we had have made it to Thor last week, explosions, fighting, weapons, deaths, it would have all become too loud despite them turning the volume down, in my opinion. And would I have missed bits if Elvis had wanted attention? Yep.

Would I go again? Yep.

I enjoyed doing something different and I do like my Disney movies (hubby refused to watch Tangled with me) so I think there will be other opportunities to take E to the cinema.

It was so quiet there, too. We were the only two with babies, there was a toddler and also a couple on their own. I wondered why the lone couple were there, but it didn’t make me concerned that E could be too loud – it’s the point of the screening! It maybe could have been a bit lighter, but we did choose to sit right at the bottom to have a large play area.

I was also bloody freezing!

Next week’s show is the second Hunger Games film. Not really baby appropriate, in my opinion, and I haven’t seen the first one so we won’t be going, but I will see what the next film is.

~ P

2 responses to “Mummy at the Movies: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2

  1. We have the same thing here. I love it. It is also a great way to introduce toddlers to the theater 🙂 So glad you had a great time! 6 Months tomorrow! Can you believe it?!?

    • Persephone says:

      I know! Half a year already. I was watching a comedy show yesterday where a mum burst into tears at her son’s graduation – and so did I because half a year’s gone so fast!

      I’ll definitely keep taking him. It’ll end up fun for both of us. As long as it’s not freezing next time!

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