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Trial Run: Lone Parenting

No, my marriage is all fine, I simply mean the act of parenting on your own. Most people do this quite often. Normally one parent, or the parent, spends all day alone with their child whilst the other works. It’s normal. Except not for me. For almost 3 months, I’ve had hubby home all the time, no lone parenting for me at all.

Good news: hubby got a new job.

Bad news: I have to be a lone parenter!

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For the Next 5 Years

The plan for Elvis’ first birthday is to visit his Grandparents who live in Spain. He’s only met them once and it would be lovely to spend that occasion with them. I know my mum will be unhappy, but she’ll still get his first birthday party!

Now the key thing for that is a passport.

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Friendships: Can There Be Too Many?

Personally, I’ve found the past 8 months of my life to be accompanied by an explosion in the number of friends I have. In fact I noticed earlier that my facebook friend list has almost doubled, and I’m not one to really add random people. Before Elvis and baby groups arrived I didn’t have old school friends with whom I never spoke. I had family, friends and people I’ve met on holiday.

Truthfully, about 5 people were friends, friends in the sense of I saw them regularly and give them Christmas presents.

Is that too few a number?
Is my rapid influx of friends a negative? Or a positive?

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A leads to B leads to C leads to…

A, obviously.

This time last week it was the calm before the storm; the sickness and diarrhoea storm!

It hasn’t been a good week. Early Sunday morning, and then in the afternoon, I found Elvis asleep in his own vomit. It’s heart-wrenching, wondering how long ago he vomited and how awful a mum that makes me (it doesn’t, I can’t watch him every single second. I need to sleep).

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A Question of Etiquette

Sometimes a random comment made by someone or yourself, directly or indirectly or simply overheard can make you do a double-check. Or flush with embarrassment. Or even perhaps start simmering with anger.

Have you ever ended up, hours later, questioning your own or their etiquette?

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Monthly Update: Month 8

Weight: Haven’t got him weighed this week (he had a lovely vomiting bug yesterday), but two weeks ago he weighed 20lb 2.

Bedtime: Still at 7pm. Mine is now at half 10! And with my sometimes random insomnia, it can be a lot later. Even better, over the past few weeks he has sometimes not even stirred overnight for his dummy! Two nights was because of his illness, but he had done a few before that, too!

Naps/Length: Three or two. And his final one is interrupted by a quick feed. His early am one all depends on if he’s awake by 7am though.

Number of feeds in 24hrs: 5 with his dreamfeed becoming incredibly quicker.

Favourite toy/objects: He’s been loving his toy remote control, his walker, maracas and his building block stars.

Clothing age: 6-9 months except his sleepsuit and snowsuits which are 9-12. His legs are too long for one and far too short for the other, but it’s only a problem before we get him dressed and he’s trying to stand!

Foot length: 10.3cm still.

Milestones: He can pull himself up to standing on anything and everything. From sitting and lying down, and even in his grobag. He can now crawl and commando crawl, and he prefers to eat teeny things with his pincer grip! You can see him trying to figure out how exactly to sit back down when standing, but he has enough balance to pick up toys off the floor. He’s certainly started coasting, too!

My swimming ability: 1100m. I did make an extra 50m the other day, it might be a fluke!

What I’m reading: Going well with Clash of Kings, I’ve even decided to re-read Dance and Feast together and then by character for a 3rd re-read!

New Foods: scotch eggs and cheerios!

Number of Stairs: 2.

Time Across the Landing: 45 seconds.

Words: He repeats the m sound when upset and d when he’s happy. Elvis also loves the g sound so we’re trying to teach him gigidy!

Fears: He hates the vacuum cleaner. He’s petrified of it! And he doesn’t like the whipped cream can, yet he likes whipped cream. Odd boy!

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Treasure Baskets and Sensory Play

I went to a parenting class over the last half term of last year and one of the 6 sessions was on play. From this session I took two key points:

One – Elvis loved picking his own items from the treasure basket at the centre.

Two – He especially loved the chunky metal bracelet!

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Newborn Again

I’ve just been catching up with some Month Updates and I chose the perfect time because Elvis is ill and so I feel like he’s a newborn.

It isn’t because he’s feeding constantly, he barely wants to feed and my boobies are aware! It isn’t because he’s sicking everything up because he’s never been a sicky baby. It’s because he’s in my arms all the time.

From looking back at his development over 8 months, it was ages ago that he could only sleep on me, that I felt physically attached to him. Now it isn’t that he can’t sleep on his own, it’s I don’t want him to!

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Blogging Mistakes

I am beginning to think that I made a huge mistake in the blogging world.

Do I think I shared too much?
Do I think I shared too personal?
Do I think my sharing hurt someone?

Nope. Nuh-uh. And no!

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Silent Saturday: Parents are People


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