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Blogging Mistakes

on January 18, 2014

I am beginning to think that I made a huge mistake in the blogging world.

Do I think I shared too much?
Do I think I shared too personal?
Do I think my sharing hurt someone?

Nope. Nuh-uh. And no!

I made a mistake when I made this new blog.

I’ve had a few blogs in my time. Most are still active. There’s the password protected one where I posted photos of my friends to share with only them. It lasted a few weeks. There’s a 365 photography blog that failed no where near to a third of the way through. There’s a geek one that I don’t think ever got launched. And there’s my original blog before this one.

Upon getting pregnant I decided to create a new blog rather than rebrand my original.

I kinda wish I hadn’t.

At the time I did it because, as an infertile, I hated those that succeeded. It wasn’t actual hate, more jealousy and pain. I didn’t want my readers to feel like that towards me so I created a new blog for my new life.

I think I intended to continue both but I go months without blogging here.

But I do miss some of my other types of blog. I miss the random photography shots (which instagram now gets), the holiday reviews (which I never caught up on, not like I’m having cultural holidays every 4 months anymore). I never really blogged much about my geek side, but sometimes I’d like to.

There’s little point in running multiple blogs, but I don’t really want to clutter this up with so many various topics, but all those topics are still shades of me and I’m still a parent so maybe they are all relevant!

I can’t combine my blogs, but I can very slightly rebrand this blog. It’s time to let the travelling geek out to play!

~ P

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