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Newborn Again

on January 20, 2014

I’ve just been catching up with some Month Updates and I chose the perfect time because Elvis is ill and so I feel like he’s a newborn.

It isn’t because he’s feeding constantly, he barely wants to feed and my boobies are aware! It isn’t because he’s sicking everything up because he’s never been a sicky baby. It’s because he’s in my arms all the time.

From looking back at his development over 8 months, it was ages ago that he could only sleep on me, that I felt physically attached to him. Now it isn’t that he can’t sleep on his own, it’s I don’t want him to!

Over 36 hours, just gone midnight I hsard a whimper and discovered my poor little boy sleeping in his own vomit (so glad he doesn’t seem able to grow hair yet!). So he slept with me that night.

Daddy managed to get some breakfast into him. I then managed to get some milk into him. All seemed fine. Then mid-afternoon after another milk and playing with lunch, I found him trying to nap in his vomit.

At this point we’d run out of baby bedding!

Evening milk went all over me.

Last feed before bed went all over us.

I went to bed at 8 expecting a bad night. Elvis refused to sleep until Daddy put him in his cot at 10 (with a freshly washed sheet) and we all got up at 8am. I didn’t even consider a dreamfeed so I was in agony from 4am.

Elvis took his morning milk. Slept on me for a bit and then threw it all back up. Daddy tried getting him to drink water, it went all over the highchair, which is far easier to clean than my clothes.

All he’s done since then is sleep. On me. He had a feed at lunch (good thing because my other booby was killing me) and has slept since then. It might be safe to put him in his cot, but I have more clothes and towels than he has bedsheets. And oved 3 hours later the milk hasn’t come up and he’s still asleep for now.

People can tell me that my OCDness with routine is so extreme, but, at the end of the day when Elvis needs me to, I change it up. Meanwhile, as boy sleeps it off, I’m catching up on my rewatch shows – Xena, Buffy, Babylon 5 and X Files. Love it!

Fingeds crossed he gets better soon because no matter how much I love watching tele, I miss my babbling, shouty baby who just will not stay still. Plus, it’s freaking scary when even water won’t stay down!

~ P

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