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Table for One

Recently I’ve been getting fed up with restaurant, cafe and friend’s homes highchair facilities so I bought, what I consider, the most amazing thing ever! It is the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat.

We already had a simple booster seat for Nanny’s, but that was annoying me and too bulky to carry around. At Nanny’s it just meant Elvis was always getting her tablecloth filthy because he’d rather play with than eat!

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TV Watching: Banshee

Hubby and I have only just found this show and we now have only one episode if the season left.

Well, if I ever thought Game of Thrones, True Blood or Sons of Anarchy were violent, Banshee trumps them all. There are certain shows that I won’t even have on in the background during the day because of Elvis, Banshee is one.

Bloody Hell is it violent!

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Walk On By

It first happened a few days ago. I thought it was a fluke. Then we caught it on tape. Now we do it every bathtime…

Elvis can walk using his push along walker!

Downstairs we have laminate floor and rugs so Elvis slips too easily, so Mr Second Hand VTech Walker has gone upstairs. At bathtime we now make E walk from the stairs to his bedroom, then in his nappy to the bathroom and then back to his bedroom after his bath.

I’m going to start doing it during the day, too.

More mobility!

~ P

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(Stair) Gates to Heaven

With Elvis’ increasing mobility we had to invest in safety gates. Originally we wanted one at the top and one at the bottom of the stairs. We’ve had some hiccups, but we now have two:

BabyDan Auto Foldable Safety Gate
Lindam Sure Shut Gate

And I love them both!

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Eating Hiccups

We decided to start weaning Elvis at just over 5 months with a bit of gentle spoon feeding. He took to it straight away, I mean he could sit up perfectly and we immediately realised he’d already lost his tongue reflex. When he got to 6 months we decided on mixing spoon and finger foods.

I think, like with most things, we went for a combination of methods.

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Baby Groups: Little Bear

Since September, I have been taking Elvis to baby signing classes with a lovely group called Little Bear. My reasons behind this are two-fold. A close friend is a speech therapist and she recommends babies doing it. And I had speech issues.

Contrary to current me (I could get an Olympic Gold for talking), I didn’t learn to talk until I was about 4. I simply did not talk and I hate the idea of him not being able to communicate.

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Monthly Update: Month 9

Weight: 21lb 11 and slowly moving up a centile, my little chunky monkey!

Bedtime: 7pm for him still, me about half 10 or later. And with my insomnia maybe 2am!

Naps/Length: He’s decided he wants a morning nap if we’re not at a group which can last until mid-morning, stopping his mid-morning nap! His afternoon naps can then last over an hour. It’s all a bit hit and miss, but not haphazard. If that makes sense?

Number of feeds in 24hrs: Recently he’s dropped a feed, now he has 3 during the day and I dreamfeed before bed, so 4. His dreamfeed had started to be really quick so I thought he was dropping it, but then we spent a few days really busy and he dropped a daytime one instead. Now, during the day, he goes 5-6 hours. I remember when he first got to that overnight!

Favourite toy/objects: Elvis loves knocking over his tower, hitting things together, hitting everything in general.

Clothing age: 9-12 months in everything but trousers.

Foot length: 10.3cm.

Milestones: Can climb the stairs. Walked across the room with his walker. He may have done his first ever sign!

My swimming ability: Been a bit ill this month so I’ve dropped to about 1000m. Stupid cough!

What I’m reading: Still on Clash. Elvis has been sleeping better so I don’t get the opportunity to read.

New Foods: He eats pasta well now and sometimes likes chomping on carrots and cucumber. I’m not sure I’ve offered him anything new, but he has enjoyed sausages and chicken finally! He also loves crackers.

Number of Stairs: All of them! He now alternates which leg he goes up each step, first one with a knee, second leg with his foot. No falls either!

Time Across the Landing: 15 seconds.

Words: None. But he may have signed ‘milk’.

Fears: He no longer seems scared of the hoover. He’s not as bad with sudden loud noises, but he’ll cry if someone else does. He can also cry when put down before deciding he’s happy!

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In Denial: Teeth

We’re going for a new record. We’re going to be the last one at our Monday baby group to get a tooth! (And to grow hair, but that’s a different topic). At almost 9 months old Elvis still has no sign of toothies.

Well, I say no sign, but what are his signs?

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Finding the Old Me

I’ve been having some sociable problems recently. I’ve been upset at baby groups that I love, considering stopping attending to try and feel better. I’ve been struggling with doing too much with hubby back at work and with simply missing him (not missing his help or him giving me a break, actually missing him) and I’ve started to want to hide away at home.

Okay the storms probably aren’t helping.

But I seem to have lost my confidence.

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The Second War

I read the above blog earlier and, aside from some huge differences, I’ve been having thoughts in the same train of thought.

Do I want to start trying for baby number 2?
Do I want to risk all of that pain and heartbreak again?
Do I want to become the person I hated?

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