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The School Analogy

on February 10, 2014

Before, during and after pregnancy I adopted the trenches analogy for trying and finally managing to conceive. In a recent post about cliques, I likened mummy/baby groups to school and trying to make new friends. And maybe it is.

If you all started school at different times of the year, then struggling to fit in with those already in the class. And of course the class is far harder than Triple Science or Organic Chemistry. Hell, it’s harder than Inorganic Chemistry. And some students find the school harder than others – either making friends or the subject (raising babies) or both.

Now hopefully most mummies are old enough to have grown out of the bitchy aspect common in girls in schools. In 8 months I haven’t met any. In fact a girl I went to school with who I felt was always slightly bitchy to me, I re-met at a baby group and she was lovely!

But I’m not sure how the school analogy works when people start graduating.

The first mummy friend I made, not met, but learnt her name and really started chatting to, has graduated. She’s gone back to work!

And I miss her so much!

And with her graduation it only means that mine is creeping up. Some mums graduate the 0-1 baby group when their baby turns 1, some at 9 months, some simply move up a class to 0-5 or 1-2. Some mums never graduate whilst some graduate, but manage to sneak in some classes.

Elvis is just over 8 months old, so I have about 5 left to go! Now I will graduate some groups, but hopefully, depending on my work hours I can still make some groups. I’d really hate to graduate the groups and lose all of our social life. Even with E in nursery whilst I work, how will I see him socialising and how will I socialise? I love talking to other mummies, especially mummies with babies of a similar age. Or the same year. They might all be in the same school.

Just like me and the mummies are at the moment.

~ P

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2 responses to “The School Analogy

  1. kukolina says:

    This made me a bit sad. I do not know when I will have to go back to work because it is up to me but I get what you are saying…

    xoxo, Eszter

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