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Needing… Something

on February 11, 2014

I’m having a bad few days. I’m sure it’s a combination of many little things. I know I should try and think on the positive, but it just doesn’t seem to be helping.

Hubby’s back at work. Elvis is on his second day of being a bit clingy, crying easier than usual. I feel like I’m losing or have lost most of my old friends and those that are still around don’t want to be. My nose is constantly running. I’m awake half the night coughing my lungs up. I have no idea what’s wrong with E, possibly he’s having separation anxiety from his Daddy? I tried to talk to friends about him being back at work, received comments implying I’m lucky to have had him. Only new mummy friends have really had any sympathy.

Just because one mum’s problems are different to another’s, it shouldn’t make anyone be less sympathetic.

I get that I had it easy the past few months, that doesn’t make now any easier. Just because I used those few months to strengthen Elvis’ bond with his Daddy over my own friendships, should I be penalised now? I got left out of lots of Christmas celebrations from mummy friends. I ignored it because spending all that time with Daddy was far more important.

I’m struggling at the moment.

And Elvis almost drowned tonight. Yeah, I’m coping.

~ P

5 responses to “Needing… Something

  1. I feel you on the cranky, clingy baby. Zoey and the boys are the same since their Daddy has been back at work. You (and I) were lucky to have Daddy home for a while, but it doesn’t make it any less difficult when he goes back to work. It’s rough. It does get better though, in time. It also could be teething. Zoey has been having a battle with her teeth. Sometimes I wish I could teeth for the babies.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. *hugs Momma*

    • Persephone says:

      He still has no teeth so I have no idea how he teeths, but he’s fine overnight – no pain. The past 2 days (including now) he’s woken at least an hour earlier, happy and chattering, but I’m wide awake! Two weeks ago I could have had a lie in, could have had a break. Now I have to wait another 3 whole days.
      I really don’t think I can do this alone 😦

      • You can. I promise you. The first few weeks are the hardest. Hubs took 8 months of parental leave with all three of the kids. Every time he has gone back I have gone through the first few weeks to a month feeling like there was no way I could do it. Even this time. But it does get better. Even if you are wide awake, if he is happy and just chattering, grab a book for a little bit and wait a little bit before you jump out of bed. It’s hard when you are no longer able to pass the baby off and grab some me time, it truly is. The other thing I suggest (that has helped me tons) Is have one day a week where you have a Mommy and Elvis day at home. No company, no visits, no outings. Have a pj day. When he naps, lie down and watch TV, read a book, close your eyes. Whatever it is, make it time for you. You’ll feel better and it’ll show you that you can recharge even when it’s just the two of you! I know this is a huge reply ha ha, but I truly want the best for you. Feel free to message/email me if you need anything!

      • Persephone says:

        Thank you. Things are a bit better now. It was very early when I replied earlier! He seems a bit happier today and we always try and only be out for half of any day. I think I’m going to have Saturday off 🙂
        Your words mean a lot xxx

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